Make Dad's Day with This Minibar in a Jar

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Make Dad's Day with This Minibar in a Jar

We’re crazy about DIY gifts—taking the time to make a one-of-a-kind surprise for a friend or family member is how we show love, and also how we celebrate life’s important moments. As DIY enthusiasts, we’re always willing to go the extra mile for the sake of creativity, whether it’s finding the perfect grocery-store flowers for a personalized Mother’s Day bouquet or spray-painting champagne bottles with layers of color coordinating glitter paint.

But sometimes it’s just best to keep it simple. And when it comes to finding a great gift for the scotch-lover or bourbon connoisseur in your life, all that really matters is finding a way to recreate their favorite drink, wherever they are.

That’s why we love this Minibar in a Jar—it’s truly the perfect gift to kick of a bachelor/bachelorette party weekend, or show your Dad you really were listening when you asked him what he wanted for Father’s Day.

So, head to your favorite liquor store or hop online and order some miniature versions of your friend’s signature drink. You can mix and match bottles to make a care package for a friend leaving on an extended work trip, or pick up several bottles of dad’s favorite vodka to ensure that he’s ready for happy hour anywhere and everywhere.

After you’ve gathered your drinks, the rest is simple. All you’ll need is…
  • One large lidded jar big enough to fit approximately 6-8 mini-bottles
  • A “Open Bar” card with a funny note inside reminding the recipient that what happened in Vegas stayed in Vegas, but you maintain the right to tease them about it whenever you like. (Or, you now, a nice note for your dad wishing him a Happy Father’s Day.)

Once you’ve stocked your Minibar in a Jar, deliver it to your friend and feel good about your DIY decision-making skills. Not every DIY requires glitter and a glue-gun, sometimes all you really need is tiny bottles of liquor that look really cute in a jar.

Send Love from Afar

If you can’t send the bar, send dinner. Sometimes a single-serving shot of bourbon isn’t enough, and that’s where we come in. We can have soup, fresh rolls, and cookies sent to Dad, your best man, or anyone who might be in need of a little comfort food. Check out our Soup and Sentiments care packages and find out just how easy it is to become Dad’s favorite kid or everyone’s favorite friend.

Gift for Your Lovely Father

If you need some help to get ideas for the gift, here’s the ultimate Father’s Day gift guide that you can take. Send your love with Spoonful of Comfort’s various gift packages. You’ll send a dad-size jar of soup, chewy rolls, papa-pleasing cookies, and a personalized note card to your dad. We even have gluten-free and vegan options. Send your love and care to your fathers by sending a Father’s Day special soup package.

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