Our Purposeful Packaging

Spoonful of Comfort packages are all about taking care of the person who receives them. But we also take steps to care about our planet and be mindful about our products.

A Thoughtful Beginning

We want to delight gift recipients in every way—that starts with a fresh, food-safe delivery! Because our gifts may travel for 3-4 days, they require careful packing to keep them protected and cold. Instead of packing our soup and filling the box with insulation, we pack the boxes to BE the insulation and protection for soup, rolls, and cookies.

They’re not just any boxes, either. We interviewed and selected manufacturers that bring:

  • Forest Stewardship Council certification
  • Sustainable Forestry Initiative® Standards that promote forest management
  • 90% of raw material from sources that protect water quality and wildlife habitats
  • Containerboard boxes made from recycled linerboard

Our packaging starts with responsible thinking. It lives on with responsible recycling and repurposing.

Care That Keeps On Going

We design our packages to delight. We intend our packages to live on. Every single piece of a Spoonful of Comfort gift has been carefully considered for more than one use. Sure, the paper and plastic can be recycled, but why stop there? Look what else you can do:

  • Gift boxes to gathering spots. Our shipping box and the cute compartments inside can be refolded with the patterned sides out. Reuse them to reduce your clutter. Or recycle by using them to send another thoughtful gift to someone you know. Here’s a video to show you how.
  • Soup containers to storage tubs. These plastic cups and lids are fully recyclable. But wash them after use, and they’re perfect for leftovers, pantry storage, or collecting odds and ends!
  • Cute top to convenient topper. It’s not just for presentation! That patterned circle atop each soup container is made from a reusable, recyclable, washable paper! Smooth it out to cover your bowl while microwaving. Stop spatters, then rinse and repeat.
  • Food safety to fun lunch. The gel packs that kept the soup fresh during transit can be refrozen. Slip them into a lunch bag to keep food and drinks cool!
  • Protective liner to on-the-go insulation. Even the shiny insulation pack surrounding the soup can be repurposed. Keep it with your reusable grocery bags to keep dairy, deli, and frozen foods cooler on trips home from the store. Talk about a silver lining!