The Best Mother's Day Gifts for Your Wife

The Best Mother's Day Gifts for Your Wife

The best Mother’s Day gifts are the ones that have meaning attached to them. A thoughtful gift could be something sentimental to help her remember (or to know that you remember) a special time or place. Or, it could be something handmade, a personalized gift to show her she’s worth the effort. The perfect gift will tell her the way you feel about her.

What tells my wife I love her?

Mother’s Day is a great time to remind her how much you love her and to get a refresher on the true meaning of Mother’s Day. As you start thinking about the gift you want to give, consider her love languages.

Does she love spending quality time with you? Does she feel loved when you do things for her? Maybe she wants nothing more than to cuddle on the couch while the two of you talk or watch a show. Whatever her love language, there are great things to find for her.

Will my wife appreciate acts of service?

Absolutely! Acts of service are one of the main love languages out there, and mothers often find that their love language more heavily includes acts of service once they have children, especially if they’re stay-at-home parents. Even if your wife isn’t a stay-at-home mom, small gestures of kindness from the heart could be the best gift for her.

Consider giving her a love coupon book and follow through with it (hint hint). If you remind her about it or suggest using one of the coupons regularly, she’ll know you’re thinking of her and trying to be helpful, thoughtful, and genuine. Coupon books or similar gifts will allow your wife to enjoy her gift beyond a single day. 

Other acts of service might be more “routine,” but not any less important, like going the extra mile to clean the house or taking the kids for the day so she can go to her favorite spa, go to lunch with her girlfriends, or have some much-needed personal time. As always, the best way to know if she would appreciate a service-based gift is to just ask her.

How do I know what she wants?

You may feel like the most observant person in the world and totally on top of every possible gift idea for your wife, but honestly, the best way to know what your wife wants for Mother’s Day is to ask her. For example, you might think she wants time alone, a good book, and a bottle of wine when in reality, she wants to go out to lunch as a family and do something fun together.

Asking her should give you an idea of what she’s looking for in a Mother’s Day gift, but if you need more help, a gift card or promised shopping trip is always a great gift idea. 

Ideas to Help Kids Participate in Celebrating Mom

There’s something special about receiving a Mother’s Day gift from sons and daughters, especially if your wife knew you helped them with it.

It can be as simple as taking them to the dollar store to “pick out something that reminds you of Mama,” tracing a handprint on a page, or having them help you clean the house.

Ages 0-3

  • Make handprint flowers: paint your baby or toddler’s hand with paint and press it onto a piece of paper as a “flower,” then draw a stem beneath it. A new mom will cherish this piece of her baby frozen in time!
  • Have your toddler color a picture and put it in a nice picture frame they can give to their mom on Mother’s Day.
  • Write “Happy Mother’s Day” on fingerprint pad pages and have your toddler decorate it.

Ages 4-7

  • A cookbook if your child loves helping your wife in the kitchen.
  • Have a younger child color a World’s Best Mom certificate and the coupons that come with it.
  • Get a set of wooden Mother’s Day cards and have your kids decorate them. They come with magnets, so the cards will last longer than paper.
  • Get a “color your own” Mother’s Day coffee mug.
  • Have your child draw a picture specifically for their mom, then have it professionally printed or put in a picture frame to give to her.

Ages 8+

  • Children older than eight can often help with service-based gifts, such as cleaning the house and cooking meals.
  • Older children can also help with gifts of collaboration, such as Mother’s Day arrangements, a family photo book, a booklet of their best artwork, or a booklet that has to do with something their mom loves.
  • Adolescent children can help with a collaborative gift or may want to give their own gift—either way, be encouraging and remind them beforehand so they have time to put thought into their gifts.

How do I make my wife feel special for her first Mother’s day?

Now that your wife is a new mom, you can really go in on the “mother” aspect of the holiday, or you can come at it from the “I love you no matter how our lives may change” angle. You can even do both to make her feel cherished in her role as both the best mom you know and the best wife. Don't forget to especially pamper your pregnant wife on Mother's day! What you do for her first Mother’s day will set the tone for the rest of the Mother’s days throughout your life.

Mommy Gifts

  • Sweet beaded bracelets can remind her of her new role.
  • A necklace that carries the names and birthstones of her children.
  • A mug warmer, so no matter how many kids—distractions, rather—pop up, she’ll still be able to come back to a warm drink.
  • A journal will let her write down stories about your new baby as they grow.

Wife Gifts

  • Custom art piece showing a location that’s significant to you as a couple (where you met, where you got married, where you’re from, etc.).
  • Love capsules, or jars with things your wife loves, will help her remember in the hard times how much you love her.
  • A hand-casting kit. It makes for a unique gift and a fun memory and is sure to give her all the warm fuzzies—immortalize you holding hands!

How can Spoonful of Comfort help me?

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