Fun and Unique 50th Birthday Gift Ideas

Fun and Unique 50th Birthday Gift Ideas

 Being alive for 50 years is a big deal! That’s why a typical 50th birthday celebration can be a bigger to-do than other birthdays. Your 50 year old friend or family member deserves to have a birthday bash that they’ll remember for years to come. Whether you’re in charge of planning the party or just showing up as a guest, you’ll want to bring the perfect gift with you. Here are some 50th birthday gift ideas that will make the occasion special. 

What Is a 50th Birthday Called?

A 50th birthday is often called a Golden Jubilee, suggesting an occasion that should be enthusiastically celebrated and treasured. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime event that signifies a huge milestone in a person’s life and deserves some extra thought when looking for a 50th birthday gift idea. After all, it’s not every day you get to celebrate being halfway to 100 years old!  

There are many ways to celebrate a 50th birthday, but one of the most meaningful is enjoying old and new relationships. Staying in contact with family members and friends is a great thing to do as you cross the threshold into the second half of your life. In addition, plenty of socialization is great for mental health as you age. So, feel free to host a big 50th birthday bash for the loved one in your life.  

What Is the Traditional Gift for a 50th Birthday?

Anytime you’re buying gifts for someone who’s celebrating a milestone birthday, it’s thoughtful to consider traditional offerings. For example, traditional 40th birthday gift ideas include wine and a wine glass, books, and flower bouquets. Traditional gifts for a 50th birthday include: 

  • A gold watch 
  • Gold pens
  • Gold cufflinks or jewelry
  • Beer (the golden color, right?)
  • Photo books featuring pictures of favorite memories
  • Nostalgic items (such as a toy from the person’s childhood) 

If you’re looking for a luxury gift that multiple people can chip in and purchase for the special birthday girl or guy, consider investing in an all-expenses-paid trip to San Diego, Italy, or any other desirable vacation destination. Giving an experience like this is the ultimate gift for the more adventurous 50th birthday boy or girl in your life.  

What Is the Best 50th Birthday Gift?

A 50th birthday is a huge milestone birthday, so you should give some extra thought to the gift you plan to give the special birthday person. It’s hard to determine the best 50th birthday gift because some people might enjoy certain things more than others. But if you’re looking for a perfect 50th birthday gift idea that’s bound to please the masses, here are a few suggestions: 

  • A gift box containing beer, soup, cookies, or other favorite foods and drinks
  • A gift card to a favorite restaurant or shopping destination
  • A bottle of wine and a wine glass
  • A 50th birthday candle with a humorous message on it
  • A book containing all the words of wisdom or funny quotes you can remember your loved one saying (this one is more fun when you get submissions from the family and friends of the birthday guy or gal)
  • A list of 50 things to do after turning 50 (or a list of 50 things your loved one has already done before reaching age 50)
  • A new outfit so the special birthday person can celebrate age 50 in style 

Any gift that requires personalization is also a great gift idea. You can personalize many gifts, even if you’re on a budget. Ideas include picture frames, pillowcases, photo books, and cutting boards. To help you figure out the perfect gift idea, consider whether the special birthday person prefers a practical gift or a funny and unusual one.  

What Can You Give Your Older Parents for a Special Occasion?

When your parents grow older, shopping for them becomes harder. Whether you’re looking for the perfect birthday gifts or the best 50th wedding anniversary gifts, it’s easy to get stumped. By the time your parents reach their senior years, they’ve most likely already accumulated everything they could want and more. So, what can you give them that won’t just add to the unwanted clutter in their basement or storage shed?  

Often, the answer is to buy something consumable, practical, or thoughtful (or all three!). If you purchase something consumable like beer, a glass of wine, or a gift basket full of delicious soup, your parents won’t need to worry about finding a permanent place for it. As far as practical gifts go, the perfect birthday gifts for your parents depend on their interests. Do they love fashion? If so, you can help them add some style and color to their wardrobe with new outfits. Two plane tickets to Paris might make their year if they prefer traveling.  

Host a big birthday party if you’re on a budget but still want to impress your parents with awesome birthday gifts. The more people you invite, the more likely your parents are to get a wide variety of birthday gifts. There are a lot of ways to throw a great birthday party on a budget. For example, you can host it at your house or a friend’s house instead of renting a special venue. You can also do potluck style, where everyone brings dishes or treats to share.  

What Is a Truly Timeless 50th Birthday Gift?

There aren’t many birthday gifts that can be considered truly timeless. But if there’s one thing that’s for certain, it’s that most mature adults prefer gifts that retain lasting value over trendier options. So if you want to give a truly timeless gift, here are some ideas. 

Timeless Birthday Gifts For a Woman

Are you shopping for a woman who’s turning 50? Here are some timeless birthday gift ideas she’ll love: 

  • A classic shoulder bag
  • A quality scarf
  • A wool coat to help her stay warm in style
  • Gold or silver jewelry
  • A comfortable pair of shoes
  • Tickets to a Broadway production 

Once you look at the above list for inspiration, it may prompt you to come up with your own perfect 50th birthday gift idea for the special woman in your life.  

Timeless Birthday Gifts For a Man

It’s notoriously difficult to come up with the perfect 50th birthday gift idea for a man, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible! Like women, mature men often prefer practical and timeless gifts over more trendy or fleeting options. The following list should give you at least one perfect 50th birthday gift idea you can give to the husband, father, or friend in your life.

  • A bottle of his favorite cologne
  • A valuable watch
  • A hunting knife (for the outdoorsy husband)
  • A high-end, hotel-style pillow
  • A pair of loafers or hiking boots
  • Alcohol for the man who loves his at-home bar
  • Leather driving gloves
  • A set of golf clubs 

To figure out the best 50th birthday gift idea for your husband or dad, spend some time rummaging through his garage or closet. You may find that he doesn’t have a full set of tools or a soft bathrobe. It’s easier to choose the best birthday present when you know what the man in your life needs. 

What Do You Say to a Friend on Their 50th Birthday?

There are a lot of things you could potentially say to a friend on their 50th birthday. Some might not go over so well, depending on your friend’s personality and the overall quality of your relationship.  

If your friend has a great sense of humor and your relationship is based on lighthearted fun and laughter, you can go ahead and joke about your friend’s age. For example, you might choose to get a funny card highlighting the challenges of growing older.  

But if your friend is feeling sensitive about his or her age, it’s best to simply focus on the positive. Make your birthday card message a complimentary one focusing on all the things your friend has accomplished throughout life. Make it clear that there are still plenty of things to look forward to in the years to come.  

What Are Some Fun Things You Can Do for Someone’s 50th Birthday?

In addition to buying unique gifts for women or men, there are other fun things you can do to make someone’s 50th birthday unforgettable. The perfect birthday gift idea may be an experience rather than a wrapped present. Here are a few epic ways to help your friend or loved one celebrate their 50th birthday.  

  • Go skydiving
  • Visit an amusement park
  • Plan a day at the spa
  • Visit the fanciest restaurant in town
  • Go on a road trip
  • Hire a personal chef for a dinner party at home
  • Plan a professional photo shoot
  • Take a cooking class together
  • Book a wine tour
  • Get tickets to an old favorite band
  • Have a karaoke party with top hits from your younger years
  • Go glamping
  • Host a murder mystery party
  • Help them cross something off their bucket list 

If you’re not sure what thing from the above list your friend or loved one would love to do, check in with other friends and family members. They may have some insights about experiences your loved one has always wanted to have.  

Why Does Spoonful of Comfort Make a Great Gift?

One excellent 50th birthday gift idea you probably haven’t thought of is a gift box packed full of comfort foods. A spoonful of Comfort gift basket is one of the best birthday gifts you can give because it’s customizable, delicious, and thoughtful.  

Spoonful of Comfort has gift baskets for practically every occasion. If you’ve been searching for the perfect 50th birthday gift idea for someone who loves snuggling up in a warm blanket while snacking on comfort foods, the Sympathy and Solace Care Package is the perfect fit. There’s also a Birthday Care Package with comforting soup, delicious rolls, and scrumptious cookies. If you’re looking for the ideal 50th birthday gift idea for your loved one, Spoonful of Comfort has you covered! 

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