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Housewarming Package

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Love, joy, comfort, and warmth. They're what make a home. And you can add a little more to that mix with this housewarming gift. We're talking nostalgic comfort foods and thoughtful optional add-on items that make this gift less about house, and more about home. It's a gift just right for new homeowners, old neighbors, far-away friends, and anyone settling in to nest.

Your Housewarming Package includes:

  • Two 32-ounce containers of tastes-like-home of soup or mac n' cheese (4-6 generous servings)
  • Half dozen bacci rolls | view nutrition label
  • Half dozen neighborly cookies
  • Kitchen-worthy ladle
  • Bright and cheerful packaging that's a treat in itself
  • A note card with a personal message from you

Does your recipient have dietary restrictions? See our Gluten-Free and Vegan soup packages!

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Product Description

Housewarming Gifts

Housewarming gift package? Hooray! Here's a housewarming gift idea for that sleep-deprived, stress induced, all-day box mover who hasn't unpacked the pots and pans yet. Whether it's a grandchild who's breaking in their college dorm, the friend who just took a job cross-country, or the neighbor who just moved in, a housewarming package is the perfect gift idea. Kids and grown-ups alike can always use the warmth and comfort a care package brings while settling into a brand new place.

A Housewarming Package from Spoonful of Comfort trades feelings of anxiety and displacement for the instant familiarity of a homecooked meal. A gift of warm, hearty, ready-to-eat soup is as practical as it is personal. You're sending the thoughtfulness of love, comfort, and joy that homes are made of — all in a box. It's that "maybe we can do this after all" feeling of relief that only a housewarming gift brings. It's understanding after a long day of labor-intensive settling in that fast-food or a late-night trip to an unfamiliar grocery store just won't cut it. After all, the personal touch and thoughtfulness are what makes a house a home.

Our Housewarming Package includes soup that tastes like home with enough for seconds (4-6 servings), six homemade rolls, and six generously proportioned cookies like grandma used to make. (What could be more homey than that?) This care package is the optimal housewarming gift idea — each meal arrives at the doorstep ready to heat and eat. It will be the one box that nearly unpacks itself. Not only does this housewarming gift bring warmth immediately, but also gives the gift of long-term coziness.

You can make your housewarming gift even more worthy of keep-up-with-the-Joneses envy by adding super-luxe accessories. How about lip balm, hand cream, and a comforting candle to melt the stress away? Does your recipient catch a cold when they get stressed? Send a cold care kit complete with lozenges and tissues to put those sniffles in storage. Little extras like these let someone know that you're thinking of them and their new home.

Care Packages for the Kids

While a new move is a daunting task for everyone, it can be especially hard on kids. Whether it is moving away from the only home they have ever known or taking that big leap to college, a care package is a thoughtful housewarming gift idea to help ease those feelings of homesickness. Our homemade soup, yummy bread, and cookie favorites deliver all the familiarity of home! Whether you select classic chocolate chip cookies with heaps of milk chocolate, or our sugar, oatmeal raisin, or snickerdoodle treats, our gourmet cookies are a sure-fire way to lift the spirits in kids of every age.

While our bakery-best cookies are a fan favorite (and the maybe the first to be gone) our hearty soups really put the "warm" in housewarming. Whether it is Mom-approved chicken noodle soup, savory tomato basil soup, or familiar recipes like clam chowder or creamy corn and potato chowder, these nostalgic flavors are sure to take kids right back to a place they know and love. Best of all? Heat-and-eat simplicity makes this the perfect gift basket idea and care package for life in a new (or non-existent) kitchen.

Housewarming Gift for Men

A Spoonful of Comfort Housewarming Package spares a guy from having to unload the pots and pans and kitchen supplies for another few days. Let him know dinner is on you! (He can spread this meal across a few days, too—so tomorrow's breakfast, lunch, and maybe even dinner is already served!) It only takes a microwave or stovetop to heat this meal at any time of day. Plus, a Spoonful of Comfort Housewarming Package uses reversible boxes that can be repurposed for storage. Consider it lending a hand with their new move (you can just say you wish you were there...).

Think Joanna Gaines is just for gals? Think again. The book inside this Housewarming Package leaves no shortage of ideas for weekend products. He—and any lucky roomies or family members—will get designs and living inspiration just right to keep that toolbox busy. Come to think of it, any fix-it fiend deserves an extra treat. Follow up with our Cookies Comforts (just right for a guy's secret treat stash).

Housewarming Gift Basket Delivery

Your box of warmth and familiarity will be delivered right to the recipient's door (contact-free delivery and social distancing is built right in). Our Housewarming Packages are delivered to anywhere your friends or family call home — apartments, condos, and townhomes alike. The food comes prepared, so no fancy kitchen required.

Each and every one of our housewarming gift baskets is packaged specifically to preserve maximum freshness. Our soups are flash frozen and surrounded by cold packs to keep the soup chilled and the baked goods fresh.

All of our Housewarming Packages are handled by UPS and can be delivered to any home in the 50 United States. Standard shipping takes 2-3 business days to arrive (we'll figure out the arrival date for you if you'd like to call). Need a last-minute gift? We offer Express 2-day and Express Overnight delivery options.

Please note that orders of our Housewarming gift baskets must be placed by 7:00 pm ET to ship that day. Orders placed after 7pm ET will ship the following day. Spoonful of Comfort is open Monday-Friday and closed on national holidays. Weekend orders will ship the following Monday.

A Spoonful of Comfort Housewarming Package is exactly the kind of thoughtful gift that brings the comfort of home to a brand-new place. Send this Housewarming Care Package and let someone you know enjoy a little less house and a litte more home.

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