Your Employees Deserve The Best: Personalized Gifts With Spoonful of Comfort

Your Employees Deserve The Best: Personalized Gifts With Spoonful of Comfort

While the terms "recognition" and "appreciation" might sometimes be used interchangeably, especially in relation to employees, they are not the same. When you show an employee recognition, you give them praise and show admiration and respect for something they did.

On the other hand, showing appreciation means you see their worth and are grateful for something they have done.

Recognition is more about someone's achievement, while appreciation focuses on the person and their value to you. Employees need to be shown appreciation and recognition. In fact, most employees feel that being recognized and appreciated is the best method employers can use to keep their employees inspired and motivated.

Employees who feel inspired and motivated tend to be more productive and happier in their jobs. In addition, happy employees stay with companies longer. That means a lower staff turnover and fewer resources spent on recruiting and training new employees.

When should I give gifts to my employees, and how much can I spend?

You can give your employees gifts whenever you want - you are the boss, after all! Start the working relationship on the best foot by giving new employees a welcome hamper or an employee gift box on their first day.

Personalized corporate gifts during the holiday season and on special occasions could make your employees feel valued. For example, a birthday gift or a Christmas gift is great, as are gifts on anniversaries or for graduation. In addition, you can give expecting parents baby shower gifts and employee appreciation gifts on Employee Appreciation Day.

The amount you spend on appreciation gifts depends on the occasion and your budget. You could spend anything from a few bucks to a few hundred dollars. However, bear in mind that giving a gift that looks and feels cheap is unlikely to convey your appreciation. Instead, it might leave workers feeling insulted as they equate the gift to how much you value them.

Still, a great gift does not need to be extremely expensive. A lower-priced item chosen with the recipient in mind will mean much more than an expensive, impersonal gift.

How should I prepare for Employee Appreciation Day each year?

The best way to prepare for Employee Appreciation Day each year is, well, to be prepared. The point of showing employee appreciation is to convey sincere gratitude to your employees.

A gift bought in a rush (or in bulk) does not scream 'Thank you.' Instead, it could make employees feel like purchasing an employee appreciation gift for them was something you had to cross off your to-do list. No one wants to feel like an obligation.

On the other hand, making Employee Appreciation Day special will go far to show how much you value your employees. Put some effort into selecting thoughtful, personalized, unique gifts to gift your employees on this day. Make the day memorable by having a small office party, or at least bring some cake!

What does a culture of appreciation do for my workspace?

A culture of appreciation in the workplace only holds benefits - for your employees and for the company. Employees who feel appreciated tend to be more productive. They also tend to be more loyal. In fact, two-thirds of employees will leave a job if they do not feel appreciated.

When employees feel appreciated, they pass the appreciation and gratitude on to their colleagues. These good vibes will likely reach your customers through the customer service they receive from your happy employees, giving them a more enjoyable interaction with your business.

What are some of the best employee gifts?

A thoughtful gift will have a much more significant impact than more generic corporate gifting options. Coffee mugs or a desk accessory with the company logo are lovely, but personalized corporate gifts like personalized pens or a gift card to the employee's favorite shop will make a more meaningful gift. If you want to go all-out, give them a gift box filled with a few items they might enjoy.

Sometimes it is not possible to personalize each and every appreciation gift. Adding someone's name to a custom corporate gift might just work out too expensive. In these situations, a personalized note accompanying a more generic gift can add a personal touch.

Here are a few more gift ideas to show appreciation to your employees.

Why does personalization matter in the work relationship?

When you give someone a personalized gift, you convey the message that they are noticed and valued, that they matter to you. No one wants to be just a number, and that includes your employees.

Personalization in a work relationship builds trust and can lead to better collaboration. It is a great way to show your appreciation to your employees and keep them motivated and inspired to do good work.

How can I personalize gifts for my employees?

Giving personalized gifts is terrific for adding meaning to gifts for employees. You can do a few things when you want to give personalized appreciation gifts to your workers without necessarily giving them something with their name printed on it. When considering what to give an employee, consider their personality. For example, a sports enthusiast will love tickets to see their favorite team play, while a gift card to a bookstore could be the perfect gift for a book lover.

Remember that giving personalized gifts is a powerful way to show appreciation, while giving personal gifts might be unprofessional and make the recipient uncomfortable. For example, items like perfume, monogrammed bathrobes or towels, or clothing could all be too personal.

How can Spoonful of Comfort help show my employees I care?

Spoonful of Comfort has a range of care packages and gift boxes that can be personalized. These care packages could help you show appreciation on Employee Appreciation Day.

Care packages from Spoonful of Comfort can include anything from pie to soup and pamper items to cookies and coffee. Choosing the perfect care package and sending it with a personalized note will tell your employees that you value and appreciate them.

Giving personalized gifts on Employee Appreciation Day will help you show gratitude to your employees. Employees who feel valued tend to be more motivated and inspired and, because of this, more productive.

You could personalize bulk-corporate gifts by adding your employees' names to the item or adding a personal note to the gift. Or, if possible, give each employee a gift that speaks to their personality.

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