The Ultimate Corporate Holiday Gift Guide

Corporate Holiday Party

Great companies succeed because of great employees, and there is no time like the holidays to show how much their dedication, hard work, and loyalty is appreciated.

Corporate gift ideas for employees can be quite different from corporate gifts for clients. Use this corporate holiday gift guide to make quick work of your corporate gift giving.

Corporate Gift Ideas for Employees

Don’t dismiss the importance of holiday gifting to your employees. Blackhawk Network's research found that 70% of employees said holiday gifts from employers motivated them to work harder.

Another study indicated that more than half of employees would remain with their company if recognized and rewarded.

The key is to choose gifts that make employees feel appreciated without breaking the bank. Some innovative corporate gift ideas for employees include:

  • We offer a classic Employee Appreciation Soup Package —a straight-up way to say thanks for the hard work! For the holidays, you might want to choose a festive package from our holiday lineup.
  • A pasta gift tray featuring premium olive oil, pasta sauces, nuts, mugs, and more. This gift is perfect for food lovers.
  • A movie night gift set with popcorn. (Add a year of streaming services, and your employees will adore you all year long!)
  • Designer laptop bags with charging port and internal power bank. This is a gift employees will use and appreciate long after receiving it.
  • Self-heating mug for coffee, tea, or hot chocolate. Let your employees start their morning with this reminder of your appreciation for all they do.
  • The Employee Appreciation Cookie Comforts—a year-round way to thank someone for a job well done. Limited-edition packages do it in the holiday spirit.

Corporate Gifts for Clients

When gifting to clients, you may need to choose a different type of gift. Not better or worse, more expensive or less expensive, just different. Some unique corporate gifts for clients can include:

  • A bottle of wine from a local winery or premium beer from an area brewpub, with personalized labels. Just ensure your client is all right with alcoholic beverages.
  • Our Coffee Pick-Me-Up Package. Who doesn’t love a delicious hot mug of coffee to start their day?
  • A digital gift card that lets your client choose their gift. A card is a perfect gift for those hard-to-choose-for clients.
  • Terrarium kits are great gifts to adorn any lobby, office, or work-from-home space. This unique gift will be a conversation piece for your client.
  • Yoga mat and towel customized with your logo. Show your client how you care about their health and wellbeing.
  • Promotional wireless speakers are wonderful for home and office and keep your logo front and center. Your client will remember you as they enjoy their favorite tunes.

Corporate Gifts for Partners

You may also want to acknowledge the partners that help your business succeed. Think about the computer store tech who keeps your system up and running, the supplier who always delivers your needed products on time, or the garage mechanic who keeps your fleet on the road and making money.

As with all corporate gifting, you’ll make a bolder statement if you match the gift to the partner. Try these ideas as a starting point:

  • Are your mechanic’s shop walls filled with Green Bay Packers signs? Gift them a couple of tickets to a game or give them a gift card to the Packers Pro Shop.
  • Does your computer tech also love fly fishing in their downtime? Get them a fly fishing gift pack.
  • Delivery drivers will love the gift of comfort. Over-the-road truckers can benefit from compression socks and gel-foam seat cushions. Polarized sunglasses help protect their eyes, while a portable diversion safe can protect their belongings.
  • Do you use an outside cleaning service? They may need a break—get them a gift card for a much-needed and well-deserved massage.
  • There’s nothing like the gift of thanks; you can make it even more special with a Thank You Care Package of soup, rolls, and cookies. Spoonful of Comfort has you covered!

Spoonful of Comfort Thank You Care Package

Spoon up the Holiday Cheer

When you shop Spoonful of Comfort’s gift options, you can cash in on the ease, convenience, and savings of our corporate accounts. We’ll serve company care by the ladle as we help you choose the perfect corporate gift baskets.

Get ahead on your corporate gift-giving with Spoonful of Comfort, your go-to gifting source. Your account specialist can help with gift scheduling, managing mailing lists, customizing notes, and troubleshooting any issues that may arise.

Spoonful of Comfort will show our thanks for entrusting us with your corporate gifting by offering a 15% discount plus Loyalty Rewards. Spoonful’s gift baskets are the gifts that keep on giving.

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