How to Welcome a New Employee the Right Way

How to Welcome a New Employee the Right Way

Starting a new job can be a daunting experience for anyone. There are new people to meet, new processes to come to terms with, and even specific rules and policies to follow. However, the benefits can be astronomical when a company takes the right steps to ensure every new staff member feels welcome, included, and supported as they transition into their new role.

Welcoming a new member into your team correctly is one of the best ways to improve employee satisfaction and engagement levels. It can help staff members to jump into their new role faster and even improve your chances of retaining top talent and attracting new hires in the future.

So, how do you make sure every team member feels welcome?

Step 1: Set up the Perfect Workspace

One of the most important things any business can do to make a new employee feel welcome is to ensure their workspace is set up for success. This sends a clear message that you’re happy to have them on board. It also shows you’re committed to helping them succeed in their role.

Start by making sure your team member has the supplies to do their job, such as a printer, computer, and phone. You can also add some personal touches, like a frame for their family photo or a new office plant.

You can also set the space up with any critical documents or materials your employee might need, such as workplace policies, company calendars, and employee handbooks. Try to make sure the furniture is comfortable, and the space itself is bright and welcoming.

Step 2: Write a Welcome Email

One of the easiest ways to make a new hire feel like part of the team is to officially welcome them to the company with a custom, carefully written message that’s shared with the group. Send an email letting your staff member know you’re thrilled they’re on board. An individual email to your new employee can also be an excellent way to provide some useful information.

For instance, share some quick tips on how to set up crucial business software, and share access to all of the corporate tools you use for meetings and messaging. It’s also worth giving your employee some insights into who they can contact if they need extra help and providing them with a calendar full of relevant meetings they may need to attend.

The best welcome emails are both personal and informative. Let your employees know you’re happy they’re there, then help them prepare for their next steps with some simple guidance.

Step 3: Commit to Constant Communication

Even if you provide your new employee with plenty of useful information in the welcome email, and any onboarding sessions you host, there will always be questions.

Be prepared to take care of the learning curve involved in joining a new company and make sure someone is available to keep your team member on track. Some businesses assign a mentor or “guru” to their employee for their first month, who will be responsible for answering questions and making sure team members can get to work as smoothly as possible.

It’s also worth ensuring your employees know what modes of communication they can use to contact their colleagues, supervisors, and other professionals. (Are you a Slack culture? Emails only? Is is okay to text management?) If business leaders can’t have an open door policy, make sure there’s an easy way for staff to set up meetings when they need them.

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Step 4: Give Them an Insightful Tour

When welcoming your employee to their new job, it’s important to ensure they know their way around the office. On their first day, give them a tour of the facility where you can share some useful tips and insights, based on your own experience.

For instance, you can let them know where people tend to get together when they need a break or want to brainstorm a new idea. You could also offer insights into where the best parking spots are, and share some advice on where they might want to go for lunch.

Tours help business leaders and HR managers to introduce their staff members to the company culture and make them feel more at home in their new space. They’re also a good time to point out any important areas, like restrooms, break rooms, and on. You can even use your tour to introduce your staff member to some of the people they’re going to be working with.

Step 5: Plan a Welcome Activity

One of the most daunting parts of joining a new business is feeling like an outsider. Activities, games, and planned social events can help new hires to find their footing in your business, and start building relationships with relevant team members.

An onboarding game is a great way to break the ice and get everyone acquainted with each other. For instance, you could invite everyone on the team into a room where they can share facts about themselves. Or you could plan a fun scavenger hunt, to help your employee get used to their new office. If you’re looking for something more informal, why not take your staff member out to a team lunch at a place you and your colleagues usually visit?

This is a great chance to get everyone chatting in a relaxed, informal setting. Plus, it’s a good way to introduce your team members to some of the informal activities your team might do together.

Step 6: Plan for the Future

A good way to make team members feel a little more welcome in your organization is to help them envision a future with your brand. Let them see there’s room for growth and progression in your business. You can start by setting your team members up with your employee recognition program and giving them insights into what kind of work will be rewarded.

This is a great way to show your staff you’re committed to giving all your employees the right feedback. It’s also worth sitting down with your team members towards the beginning of the first month, to discuss what the future might hold in terms of development and training.

Ask your employee what kind of skills they’d like to develop going forward, and explain why certain types of training may be on offer. This will help your staff to start feeling more excited about their future with your organization.

Step 7: Give them a Welcome Gift

If you know Spoonful of Comfort, you know we’ve got a few secrets for creating a gift that says “welcome” in a personal way. You can create an entire welcome package on your own for a new team member, including everything from office supplies and branded clothing to snacks and delicious food-based treats. (Doesn’t everyone need a mid-afternoon snack?) It’s worth adding a note from your team too, welcoming your new hire to their role, and letting them know who they’ll be working with.

Welcome kits show new employees they’re appreciated and valued straight away. And you guessed it—Spoonful of Comfort has packages created just for employee onboarding occasion. Our classic Employee Welcome Package includes fresh soup, rolls, and cookies—plenty to share at home and help family members feel a connection to your company culture. 

Our second employee welcome package can be kept on hand at the office for when you need it (nothing is perishable)—or we can deliver that right to their home, too! Either package includes a personal welcome note from you. Talk to us about customization options like including your own swag, as well!

Make Your New Employee Feel Welcome

Making a new employee feel like a welcome part of the team is so important for any business. If your staff member feels included, appreciated, and respected from day one, they’re more likely to commit themselves completely to your organization.

If you need a little help making sure your staff members feel as welcome as possible on their first day, check out the custom employee appreciation and welcome packages available from Spoonful. Nothing says “we’re glad you’re here” better than a custom gift.

Our Corporate Concierge Team has all the answers about employee welcome and on-boarding gifts. Give us a call at 1-877-821-3430.

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