3 Tips to Step Up Your Corporate Holiday Gift Boxes

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Rewarding and acknowledging employees for their excellent work is one of the driving factors in building team morale and employee confidence. Work is a major time commitment for everyone involved. Most people spend most of their daily lives at work, quickly becoming drudgery without employee appreciation—especially during the holiday season when most people want to be with their families. 

To ensure your employees know they are appreciated and acknowledged, consider sprucing up their corporate holiday gift boxes with a mixture of nifty, practical, and personal items.

What to Consider When Giving Gifts to Employees

If you are in charge of gift-giving at your company, a lot of questions probably run through your head:

  • Should I make the gifts seasonal?
  • Should the gifts be functional?
  • Should the gifts be work-related?
  • Should I avoid giving food because of allergies?

It’s time to take a deep breath. Gift-giving doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, you can boil down the process of giving corporate holiday gift boxes by thinking of the three Ps: 

  • Purposeful: The best gifts have meaning behind them. 
  • Practical: Practical gifts remind employees of their value whenever they use them. 
  • Personal: Lastly, your gifts should be personalized to bring extra flare. 

3 Key Customizable Gift Box Tips

To reduce time and stress spent deciding on minor details about what to include in the box, consider exploring customizable corporate holiday gift boxes for employees. These three tips will help you craft a great box for everyone.

1. Food as a Base

Sometimes when building a package of nifties and employee swag, it’s best to start with a base. 

Food is a universal language. Families gather to share meals and conversation. Foodies wait for seasonal items so they can try new flavors. Couples reminisce about the restaurant they dine at on their first date.

So why not start your gift box with food? Talk to HR ahead of time to learn who has allergies or dietary restrictions—you can often customize your gifts around these needs. At Spoonful of Comfort for example, we offer both vegan and gluten-free packages. Food that meets your team’s preferences and needs is a great way to customize your corporate holiday gift box.

Universal food items that people love might include:

If you plan to give out the gift boxes before the holidays, include foods people can eat at work or meals employees can eat in groups. A gift card to a local hot spot wouldn’t be a bad idea.

Cheese or breadboards can impress clients during house visits. Branded water bottles can show team spirit during company outings. Coasters and trivets can keep the workplace free from stains and marks.

Food on a table

2. Seasonal Items That Work

Take care not to get too seasonal with your gifts. Not everyone comes from the same cultural and religious backgrounds, so keep things neutral.

However, you can make gifts relevant to the time of year. Include tissue packs, nasal decongestants, cough drops, raw honey, and herbal tea packets to prevent future illnesses. 

Blankets are another great choice when you stick with classic designs. The same rule applies to socks, candles, shirts, and towels. Try to go for quality and comfort over anything else. 

When you give out your gift boxes this year, consider adding pies, cakes, cookies, or loaves of bread. Gingerbreads and pumpkin-flavored foods are a popular favorite.

3. Gifts with Meaning

Personalization is always key. Corporate holiday gift boxes should be customized as much as possible to meet the unique traits of your employees. That can be as simple as a personalized note inside a holiday card. Or you can customize items with your company logo or employee names. 

Spoonful of Comfort always helps you include a personal message, beautifully printed in a folded notecard. If you wish, we can add your company logo to the card, put your branded swag into the gift boxes you send, or add custom-engraved items to your package. (Take a look at the customized items we have to offer!)

Find the Perfect Corporate Holiday Gift with Spoonful of Comfort

If you want to take the next step in personalizing your corporate gift giving, look no further. Work with our corporate account team to find the perfect Spoonful of Comfort corporate gift options for your organization.

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