10 Thank-You Gifts for Your Boss

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A great boss hires, teaches, mentors, and encourages you throughout the years. When a special occasion arises, whether it’s a birthday, illness, anniversary, or holiday, give your boss a gift that will resonate. Choose something that reflects gratitude with the perfect blend of professional and personal. Here are ten gifts for your boss that they’re sure to love.

1. A Morning Pick-Me-Up

Does your boss love a cup of coffee in the morning? Consider getting them the gift of caffeine with a variety of coffee options from which to choose. You can send them artisan samplers they can brew at home or work. Include coffee toppings or personalized mugs. We offer our own coffee package complete with coffee cake!

Do they like a particular roast, country of origin, or flavor? Many coffee roasting companies have specialized monthly subscription services. You can give your boss a specific bean or flavor every month for an entire year. They’ll try a variety and maybe even discover a new favorite. 

Would your boss enjoy a good cup of tea instead? Like coffee, you can send a batch of different flavors via subscription or all at once. Include fancy tea cups along with lemons, cinnamon sticks, and honey. This gift will make tea time a treat for any enthusiast. 

2. Good Smells

A nice-smelling office or home also provides relaxation and a sense of calm. Depending on their style, your boss might like a decorative piece to add to the ambiance. For example, an aromatherapy diffuser with various scents, like lavender or sage, can brighten up any room. 

Or choose a hand-poured candle that uses soy wax, premium oils, lead-free cotton wicks, and reusable jars. Made without harmful chemicals, mild scents like vanilla or jasmine smell great and won’t trigger allergies. Incense sticks might also be an option. These also add a sweet aroma to home and work areas.

How about a scent-free cool mist humidifier? Many come in trendy or fun designs that look great while also helping your boss breathe better. Humidifiers help clear the air, especially in stuffy rooms, regardless of the season or climate. 

3. Spa Day

The best gifts for bosses allow them to relax. What better way to relax than with a spa treatment at home or a professional facility? 

Send a handmade, beautiful package with products designed to pamper your boss at home. This package can include:

  • Gels or masks for their eyes, face, or feet 
  • A beard-grooming kit
  • Nail and cuticle oils or trimmers
  • Bath salts or bubbles for the tub 
  • Sugar scrubs
  • Eucalyptus oil for steamy showers 
  • Cream or lotion scented with lavender and other relaxing scents 

You can also give your boss a generous gift card to a local spa. Allow them to enjoy a day filled with pedicures, manicures, facials, or massages. They’ll feel re-energized and appreciated when they unplug and let someone else take care of them for a change. 

spa day

4. Recharging Station

A recharging station is a perfect way for your boss to keep all their daily items in one spot and close at hand. Choose wood or metal options. Some recharging stations hold smartphones, tablets, watches, keys, glasses, and wallets. Consider a personalized station, too. These stations are compatible with most phones and look amazing on work desks or home furniture.

5. Gift Baskets

When you have a boss who’s given you everything you need to succeed, give them a special treat to show your appreciation. A gift basket is a great thank-you gift for your boss because it’s customizable depending on their unique tastes. 

You can fill gift baskets with the following items: 

  • Wine
  • Liquor
  • Chocolates
  • Soups
  • Gourmet Snacks
  • Cookies
  • Fruits
  • Cheese and Crackers
  • Meats

You can combine all of the above for an exceptional boss who deserves extra thanks!

6. A Great Night Out

How about everyone in the office chip in for a group gift? Treat the boss to a fun night out! If your boss is a movie buff, sports fan, or enjoys a particular restaurant, check out some options near them and hook them up with tickets or gift cards. 

7. Custom Mugs or Glasses

Give your boss something they can use for a long time. Purchase a single or set of cups or glasses with their name, picture, or favorite quote. Choose from coffee mugs, whiskey tumblers, wine glasses, or tea cups. 

8. Desk Organizer

Perfect for any boss who struggles to stay organized or those who don’t realize how easy it could be! Thank your boss with a convenient and stylish monitor stand—they’ll wonder how they ever lived without it. Most monitor stands, made with bamboo or colored wood, have places for cell phones, notebooks, schedules, laptops, and other office supplies. 

9. Free Lunch

A simple but effective way to thank your boss is with quality time. Allow them to pick the restaurant and take them out to lunch. A lunchtime gathering can be a great group gift—invite the whole team to participate and share meal expenses. 

10. Electronic Photo Frame

With a digital photo frame, the boss can download hundreds of photos of family, friends, and favorite locations. The frame automatically displays the pictures and can be a motivating reminder of favorite interests outside the office!

When you have a stellar mentor or manager who contributes to your success, it’s easy to show appreciation. Thoughtful gifts for your boss say thank you, congratulations, and “well done!” in meaningful ways. Choose one of these options for any special occasion today.

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