Meet Marti | Why Send Soup? | Comfort Food Meets Healthy Food

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Meet Marti | Why Send Soup? | Comfort Food Meets Healthy Food

Meet Marti, founder of Spoonful of Comfort. In this video series, Marti shares some behind the scenes stories which have helped her build a heart-centered business. From packing boxes in her own garage, to appearing on national TV, our soup boxes have brought smiles into tens of thousands of homes across the globe.

It’s almost January, the time when we turn our attention to healthy eating, detox, and focusing on post-holiday cleansing. And what better way to do that than with a bowl full of comforting slow-cooked veggies?

The Perfect Combination of Comfort and Nourishment

A big bowl of soup, simmering on the stove, brings back memories of grandma’s kitchen. Those lovingly cut carrots, slow cooked to tender perfection, will take you right back to childhood. Fast forward a few years, and maybe you’d made soup in college to save a few bucks, or to make your budget go further. Or maybe you made veggies to help you stick to a healthy eating plan. Whatever your soup story is, chances are it’s full of warm, comforting memories that both help you feel good, and heal body and soul.

Spoonful of Comfort, the Perfect January Gift

‘Tis the season of healthy resolutions. ‘Tis the season of winter sniffles. ‘Tis the season of gray days and hibernating under blankets. No matter what your January is like, chances are soup would make it better. And that’s why we ship soup around the U.S. year long, but especially in January. Because no matter what your month looks like, a big bowl of soup is sure to be the cure.

Soup is an experience. Savor it. Better yet, send it and share the love.

Click here to pick a box and send it to someone you love.

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