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Just Because Gift Baskets

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Whether it's sharing condolences, celebrating a big day, or "just because," there's always a great reason to send the sentiments of soup! Wow the ones you love with a complete meal — delivered right to their door.

Your Just Because Gift Basket includes:

  • Two 32-ounce containers of soup or mac n' cheese (4-6 generous servings)
  • Half dozen bacci rolls | view nutrition label
  • Half dozen delectable cookies
  • A shiny ladle to serve up the smiles
  • Bright and cheerful packaging that's a treat in itself
  • A note card with a personal message from you

Does your recipient have dietary restrictions? See our Gluten-Free and Vegan soup packages!

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Product Description

Soup online delivery—just because

Every day, we read dozens of heartfelt reasons people use Spoonful of Comfort soup delivery service. There are get well wishes sent with a soup gift basket. Thank you gifts. Congratulations on a new baby. Housewarming gifts, college care packages, and corporate gift baskets.

But some of our favorite messages are tucked inside of soup deliveries sent "just because." See if you don't get the warm fuzzies too when you read sentiments like these:

  • "Sometimes moms and dads need an extra hug, too. Hang in there. You've got this!"
  • "Just a little something to say hi and that we appreciate you."
  • "I just thought you might like some comfort food."
  • "Wanted you to feel cozy and nourished."
  • "I know you all need a little comfort right now, and since I can't give you a hug, here is the next best thing."

What reason do you need for soup delivery? Any reason—or no reason at all!

More than soup online delivery, Spoonful of Comfort was created to send people a package that's thoughtful. Meaningful. Sincere. It's why our care packages are designed to be as much about the experience your recipient feels as much as the delight that they'll taste.

What it's like to get soup delivery from Spoonful of Comfort

It all starts with a big, cheerful box delivered right to the door. Open it up, and the surprises begin!

A shiny ladle serves up the first greeting, followed with a notecard from the sender. And like all our traditional soup gift baskets, the Just Because care package includes a full meal.

Your recipient will discover each item—generous portions of gourmet soup, bacci rolls, and bakery-fresh cookies—by opening individual boxes. But not before reading the quirky quotes printed on each. Cookie Monster wisdom, anyone?

The interior presentation invites smiles on its own (and perhaps a little Tetris envy). There's room for a few feel-good finds like tea and honey, a book, or even a blanket. Just the kind of things you'd deliver yourself—just because that relationship is important.

How a soup gift basket becomes a care package

Gourmet soups online sound like a food-lover's dream. They're that for sure—and a flashback to the feelings you love and remember from home.

Comfort soups might be the way to describe our famous fare. Sending soup by mail started as a way to send comfort food across the miles. We wanted to share the kind of food you'd make yourself if you could be there in person. The flavors and the feelings that just feel warm and settled all over.

You'll always find classic favorites like our original Chicken Noodle Soup. Garden Vegetable Soup. And Tomato Basil Soup (those afternoon grilled cheese sandwiches are calling!). Throughout the year you can also choose from some of our customer go-to's like Chicken and Wild Rice. Creamy Corn and Potato Chowder. Or Poblano Chicken Chowder. And every so often, we'll cook up a few batches of seasonal favorites: Butternut Squash. Clam Chowder. Sunny Gazpacho.

Yes, we love soup. You love soup. And everyone can love soup just a little more when served up with a bacci roll perfect for getting every last good drop. Then to finish the meal? Why, cookies of course. Just because they're delicious. And just because you want someone to feel the magic that only baked goods can bring.

And that brings us back to why Spoonful of Comfort soup gift baskets are really care packages all dressed up. No other food gift basket delivers comfort (or soup delivery) quite like this. From its exceptional presentation to the care that goes into packing your gift and passing along your just-because wishes, Spoonful of Comfort does care package delivery like no one else.

When to send a Just Because care package

Comfort food delivery doesn't need an occasion. A comfort gift of soup in a box is sent to say hi. To lift someone's spirits. To reconnect. To say good luck. To congratulate a job well done. To make someone's day.

And it works.

Not only are we lucky enough to read people's kind wishes to their friends and loved ones, we're often recipients ourselves of the appreciation that comes in return.

  • "Soup was delicious, rolls were very tasty & cookies were a great dessert! It was a very nice pick me up"
  • "Everything was great. Even the packaging was perfect. Thank you so much!"
  • "I was so surprised and touched by the quaintness of this box! So much more sentiment than flowers or chocolate covered fruit, such a great idea!"
  • "The ladle is such a nice extra touch."
  • "Wonderful soup and sides, wonderful employees, wonderful business! Your soup is a warm and welcoming gift."

If you can make someone feel like that for even one day, you've got a reason to send comfort food delivery Just Because.

Send soup by mail. Send cookies by mail. Just Because.

Spoonful of Comfort sends care package all across the country, all seasons of the year. We've developed a tried-and-true process to send soup and baked goods safely. And it works like this.

Spoonful of Comfort ships Monday through Thursday, every week of the year with the exception of major holidays. Why don't we ship on the weekends? Because some shipping providers don't deliver to every address on Saturdays or Sundays. And we don't want your gift sitting around in a warehouse or on a truck.

We ship using UPS and the United State Postal Service. Depending on where your care packaged is headed and how quickly you need it to arrive, we can help you choose the best option if you're not sure. Most orders placed by 7pm ET will leave our kitchen the same day, and Standard Shipping deliveries typically take about 3 days to arrive. You always have the option to choose express options for 2-day or Overnight delivery.

Whatever your selection, we've turned soup delivery service into a science. Our gourmet soups are flash-frozen to lock in flavors. We wrap them up in a special ice-pack hug before cushioning each in its stay-cool bag and box. By the time your comfort gift arrives, the contents will still be cold and ready to heat and eat—or even re-freeze for later.

Sending a care package for the little reasons (or no reason at all) is easier than ever and more meaningful with a heartfelt meal from Spoonful of Comfort. And pssst... we send cookies by mail, too. It's one more way to send someone your love Just Because.