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Gluten-Free Ultimate New Parent Package

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What’s inside the Gluten-Free Ultimate New Parent Package is more than a tiny bit adorable. Grown-ups get our famous soup, rolls, and cookies. The lucky baby gets a collection of designer bibs, blankets, and baubles cute enough to knock their little socks off.

Your Gluten-Free Ultimate New Parent Care Package includes:

  • Two 32-ounce containers of gluten-free soup (4-6 parent-size servings)
  • Half dozen gluten-free, vegan chocolate chip cookies (you sweet things!)
  • Soothing pacifier with drop-stopping clip
  • Matching teething rattle
  • Three bandana bibs
  • Two coordinating swaddle wraps
  •  Friendly fox plush toy
  • A shiny ladle (a toy for mom or dad?)
  • A note card with a personal message from you

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