The Corporate Care Crew

Spoonful of Comfort is all about nourishing your business relationships. And that starts by developing a relationship with us!

When you choose our corporate gifts to represent your company, you’ll get exceptional attention all along the way. Meet the crew who will take care of you, your gift recipients, and every step in between.

Anne Cummins

Director of Business Development & Strategic Partnerships

A part of Spoonful of Comfort from its earliest days, Anne has seen the joy meaningful gifts bring to people. A part of Spoonful of Comfort from its earliest days, Anne has seen the joy meaningful gifts bring to people. Her career in sales, healthcare, and event planning has revolved around connecting with people and helping them add joy to their lives and the lives of those around them. The origin story of Spoonful of Comfort is what motivates Anne on a daily basis as she works with corporate customers to help them bring the thought behind the gift into physical form. Whether it's in Utah or the Jersey Shore, this mom of 3 boys and a rescue dog will take care of your gifting experience from start to finish with the dedication and heart that is the unique Spoonful of Comfort way.

Logan Kessler

Sales Account Executive

When Logan says he’ll go out of his way to get something done, be ready. This is an East-coast-born, West-coast-raised guy who met his Australian wife in a Vietnam hostel. So big thinking and adventurous ideas are built into everything he does. Corporate customers appreciate Logan’s can-do attitude, and if you haven’t met him yet, come to a corporate event or give him a call for a shot of pure positive energy.

Justin Perry, Account Liason

Justin Perry

Account Liaison

When you need a gifting campaign to go just right, Justin is your guy to lead the way. Maybe it’s the merchant support experience he mastered while working at eBay. Or maybe it’s the creative thinking and next-level strategy that comes as a passionate Dungeons & Dragons fan. Whatever the case, Justin has the skills and attributes to create custom packages, personalize cards, resolve shipping issues, and otherwise make your gifting quest a resounding success.

Brionna Smith, Account Liaison

Brionna Smith

Account Liaison

On the surface, Brionna’s responsibilities are straightforward: she’ll assist you with customer service, invoicing, and even drop shipping. But as a self-proclaimed skincare fanatic who hopes to formulate her own line of products, Brionna knows that the real secret to service runs deep. With experience in hospitality and call center fields, she brings to her role the kind of personality and humanity that leave our customers glowing.

Anika Dye, Marketing Manager

Anika Dye

Marketing Manager

Pay attention to the people. It’s a lesson Anika first learned when waitressing, and it’s still a principle that she applies in her role today. With degrees in marketing and finance, Anika guides communication strategies for Spoonful of Comfort’s affiliate and partnership relationships. She’s the mind behind our corporate emails, social media, and tradeshows—but nurturing the human side of those relationships is what her job is all about.

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