Look What’s New!

SpoonfulOfComfort.com has a whole new look—and a whole lot of new features. C’mon, we’ll show you around!

Slick New Account Features

If you had an account on our old website, please take a minute to set up a new login using the same email address to transfer your purchase history. If you don’t have an account, you’ll want one! When you log in, our new website makes sending care simpler with improved order history, address book, and our upcoming Spoonful Rewards Club! Create an account or reset yours now.

See What You’re Shopping For

Sending a thoughtful, personalized gift is easier than ever. When you select a soup care package, you’ll now see images of the available soup and cookie options. Click on favorite flavors to create the perfect heat-and-eat meal package. 

It’s also easier than ever to find extra touches to make your gift extra special. You’ll see curated suggestions based on your care package occasion. 

Having Trouble?

As amazing as technology is, it can take a few days to settle in. If you have trouble logging in, make sure you’re using the same email associated with your account and that you’ve activated your account after July 11, 2022. Having other issues? Our fearless Customer Care team is ready to tackle any technology foe. Call us at 877-404-7678 or email info@spoonfulofcomfort.com.