Choosing the Best Food Gifts for Christmas

Choosing the Best Food Gifts for Christmas

The holidays aren't just an amazing time to create memories with friends and family. They're also an opportunity to enjoy some of the most delicious, decadent food of the year. After all, there's a reason so many of us find ourselves cheating on our diets during the festive period.

Christmas, Hannukah, and the general festive season are brimming with feasts and unique treats you only get to enjoy once a year. So, why not make the most of it? Food is always a good option when you're struggling to find the perfect gift for your boyfriend, girlfriend, brother, or mother.

No matter the occasion, a food-based gift will always tantalize the taste buds and bring a smile to anyone's face. All you need to do is choose the right food for the job.

Here's your complete guide to choosing the ideal Christmas food gifts every time.

Why Give Food Gifts for Christmas?

Giving a gift is a wonderful thing. It's an opportunity to show how much you care and bring joy into someone else's life. But, unfortunately, it can also be a pretty challenging process.

Finding the right gift can cause a lot of headaches and stress, particularly if you're buying for someone who seems to have everything they need already.

Food gifts are the ultimate solution. Even if the person you're buying for isn't a self-professed foodie, they'll never frown at a delicious gift package brimming with sweet treats, tantalizing tipples, and savory delights. A food gift takes the strain out of gift-giving and ensures you always make the right impression. Here are some of the other reasons why food makes a great gift:

  •         They last longer than Christmas: Most of the best food gift boxes come with great shelf lives. This means your loved one can continue to enjoy their Christmas hampers for weeks or even months after the big day. Every time they nibble on a square of dark chocolate or enjoy another cookie, they'll think of you!
  •         They appeal to everyone: Food is something that's universally loved around the globe. If you're unsure what edible gift your loved one will like most, you can opt for some simple classics. It's hard to go wrong with chocolate, cookies, and wine.
  • They're useful: Food gifts are practical. They're something everyone can enjoy. Rather than being shoved into a cupboard somewhere, your edible food gift can be shared by a family or used to liven up a movie night during the winter months. You're unlikely to see a food gift repackaged and given to someone else!
  •         They fit every budget: A food gift can fit virtually every budget. You don't have to spend a fortune to get a beautiful hamper brimming with chocolate, cookies, and other treats. Plus, even if you don't spend a lot on your chosen Christmas gift, you can rest assured it will look very impressive on Christmas morning.
  • They're nourishing: Choose the right food gift basket, and you can even give someone some extra vitamins and minerals to start the new year. For instance, a gourmet gift basket featuring soups and fresh cheese is an excellent way to provide your loved ones with antioxidants, calcium, and other great nutrients.

What are popular foods at Christmastime?

Some food and drink-centered gifts work well any time of the year. Wine, beer, cheese, cookies, and chocolate are all ideal for any occasion. But if you're specifically focused on giving your loved ones some Christmas food gifts this year, it's worth focusing on some more festive options.

The exact items you add to your gift basket might vary, but here are some popular foods at Christmastime you can consider including in your own gift box:

  •         Poultry/Turkey flavored snacks: It might not be possible to send someone an entire roast goose in the mail, but you can definitely double down on some poultry-flavored snacks. Roast turkey and thyme chips, flavored pretzels, and other snacks can all be created with a fantastic "Christmas dinner vibe," ideal for the holiday season.
  •         Panettone: Panettone is one of the most common cakes associated with Christmas, and it's great if you're looking to send someone a homemade food gift. You can also explore various other cake options to enhance your gift basket. Yule logs and similar cakes are particularly popular around the holiday season.
  •         Christmas cookies: Who doesn't love Christmas cookies? Whether it's shortbread or sugar cookies cut into the shape of a Christmas tree, there's something for every taste. You can even include dark chocolate cookies, peanut butter cookies, and chocolate chip options in your sweet treat collection too.
  •         Gingerbread: Similar to cookies, gingerbread is another fantastic treat for the holiday season. You could send someone their own make-your-own gingerbread house or stick with simple gingerbread biscuits. These warming cookies are ideal for the cold winter weather and tend to last a good while too!
  •         Chestnuts and other mixed nuts: Chestnuts are probably the most common nut to find in a Christmas gift box. However, you can also enhance your gift box with a range of other delicious nuts, like walnuts, cashews, and almonds. Sorted into a mason jar and tied with a ribbon, these items can be great for people who like savory snacks.
  •         Peppermint: If you know your loved one prefers their Christmas candy to be a little more refreshing than the average bar of chocolate, peppermint is a good choice. Peppermint candy canes and bark are ideal food gifts for Christmas. Your loved ones can even hang their candy canes from their tree.
  •         Cheese: One of the most popular food gifts around Christmas time, you can't go wrong with a great chunk of cheese. Brie is one of the most popular choices for many. However, you can also explore a range of festive blue cheeses with added cranberries and nuts. Throw in a box of crackers for the perfect snack.

How We Celebrate Christmas with Food

One of the reasons food is such a good gift option for Christmas is that it's already a significant part of the holiday celebration. Most of us look forward to at least one food tradition during the festive season, whether decorating the first Christmas cookie or cutting the turkey.

There are even Christmas activities that revolve entirely around food, from hanging candy canes on a tree to making popcorn garlands and designing your own gingerbread house. Around the world, every culture has its own unique approach to celebrating Christmas with food.

In Canada, many families host cookie-baking parties where entire groups of loved ones get together to share their recipes and decorate together. In the US, families work together to make the perfect batch of eggnog and produce the ultimate cup of cocoa for Christmas Eve night.

Denmark's Christmas celebrations revolve mainly around a special kind of rice pudding called 'Ris á la mande', while in Germany, families enjoy a fresh batch of baked stollen. Even regions like Russia, where people may commonly fast throughout the Christmas Eve period, have their own traditions. For example, Russian families enjoy a unique porridge together when they spot the first star in the Christmas Eve sky.

What are some of the best foods to give?

Food gifts are some of the most versatile options around when it comes to gift giving. There's no limit to what you can send to your friends and loved ones for the holidays. Usually, the best way to get started is to think about what your gift recipient likes most. What kind of snacks do they enjoy? Are they a hot sauce maniac, or a big fan of cheese?

You can even consider enhancing your gift basket with some non-edible Christmas gifts for foodies. For instance, treat someone to a new customized rolling pin or apron, or buy someone the perfect pan set for their new kitchen. You could even share your best recipe for a cake or treat with your loved one in a gift card.

Here are some great foods which make excellent gifts for Christmas:

  1.   Cheese

Cheese is an excellent option for a gift basket because it comes in many varieties and tends to last a reasonably long time. In addition, you can explore a wide range of different flavors, from exotic blue cheeses to simple options like cheddar. Finally, throw in some nuts, crackers, and bread rolls for a more rustic-feeling gift basket.

  1.   Chocolate

Like cheese, chocolate stays in good condition for a while and is relatively well-suited to shipping over large distances. In addition, there are countless options to choose from. You can go for chocolate covered cookies, white chocolate, dark chocolate, a standard milk bar, or chocolate buttons. So give someone the perfect Christmas Eve with some hot chocolate and marshmallows.

  1.   Soup

What could be more heartwarming and nourishing during winter than a delicious soup delivery? Soup is one of the more thoughtful Christmas gift ideas, and it's wonderfully unique. It helps to set your gift basket apart from other pre-made boxes on the shelves. You can even get delicious freshly baked bread rolls to go with it.

  1.   Fudge and Caramel

Fudges and caramels are a holiday favorite, and they travel pretty well too. Most fudge will stay relatively fresh for a week, and caramels can last even longer if they're packaged properly. If you want to get really creative, you can swap caramels for brittle and toffee mixed with pieces of peanuts, dried fruit, or even chocolate chips.

  1.   Cookies

As mentioned above, cookies are one of the best food gift options for Christmas time. You don't have to be a food lover to enjoy a good batch of cookies. Plus, these treats will go down well with people of any age, so your loved one can share their item with the whole family. Shortbread cookies can last a while if it's packaged well too.

  1.   Cocoa and tea mixes

Food based gifts don't have to be "food." They can also include various beverages, such as cocoa with marshmallows or delicious spiced tea mixes. Cocoa and tea mixes will last plenty of time after your loved one receives their gift if they can avoid drinking them instantly. You can also place them in personalized jars and tins.

  1.   Snack mixes

Snack mixes are a great way to add a little extra flavor to a Christmas gift box. You can explore various options, like candied and spiced nuts with various herbs and flavor combos. You can also create caramel corn or throw some pretzels into a decorative bag. There's no limit to the options available.

Which foods should you avoid giving?

While some food gifts make perfect sense, others are less ideal. For instance, if you send a gift box to someone who lives a little distance from you, it's probably not a good idea to choose ice cream, as it will quickly melt or spoil.

It's also worth considering all your personal information about your loved ones before you start experimenting with the ideal gift idea. For example, if you know someone who has an allergy to nuts, don't send trail mix or peanut butter cookies. Likewise, if someone you care about has a lactose intolerance, it's probably a good idea to stay away from milk chocolate and cheese.

Here are some quick tips for foods you should generally avoid giving at Christmas:

  •         Foods that may cause medical issues: Using what you know about your loved one, avoid any food which might cause problems with pre-existing medical conditions. For instance, don't send sugar-free cookies and chocolate to someone with IBS, as this can lead to some stomach discomfort. Avoid sending certain foods to people who have allergies and intolerances too. At Spoonful of Comfort, we can help you find food gifts that are vegan and gluten-free.
  •         Alcohol for non-drinkers: While a wine gift basket can be ideal for a wine connoisseur, it could be offensive to people who don't drink. Make sure you know whether the person you're gifting has any issues with alcohol they'd like to avoid.
  •         Novelty foods: Some foods come with novelty or offensive labels designed for humor. If you know your loved one will appreciate the joke, these options are fine. However, if you're not sure your loved one has the same sense of humor, it's best to play it safe. For example, don't try to trick someone into eating hot or spicy chocolate if they don't enjoy hot peppers.
  •         Perishable foods: Highly perishable foods can be problematic for gift boxes and baskets. If they arrive at their destination at the correct time, there's nothing to worry about. However, if there are any delays with shipping, or you know your gift has to travel a long distance, you could end up sending stale or spoiled food to your loved ones.
  •         Unappealing food: While chocolate-covered bugs and candied insects might seem like a fun gag gift, they're probably not going to get eaten. Most of the time, these presents are a waste of money, and they're not going to send the right message to your loved one.

Finally, avoid any clearly thoughtless food gifts. For instance, if you know someone in your life who prefers to keep Kosher or follows Muslim dietary laws, you'll want to avoid pork products. If someone you care about is trying to lose weight, giving them a gift basket full of chocolate and sweets might look insensitive.

How to create a food gift basket?

One of the best ways to give the perfect food gift is to create a custom gift basket for someone you care about. This is an excellent opportunity to fill a box with everything you know your loved one adores. If you're looking for an easy option or need some last-minute Christmas gifts, it's usually a better idea to buy a pre-made gift basket.

However, even if you're shopping for a basket online, you can usually make certain customizations to ensure the hamper is extra special.

Here are some top tips to get you started.

  1.   Know Your Recipient

Usually, the first step in creating the ultimate food gift basket is choosing a theme, but when it's Christmastime, you already have that part sorted. The next step is simply thinking about what your loved one likes most. Are they a huge fan of cookies, chocolate, cheese, or savory snacks?

Building your gift basket around the food gift items you know your loved one will most appreciate will help make it more personal. If you're giving a food gift as a present to one of your customer service team as part of a corporate present and you don't know much about them, stick to the classics.

  1.   Include Some Non-Edible Additions 

Food gift baskets don't have to be "all food." You can also include some amazing extras, like a ladle for your soup care package or a customized apron. A soup warmer is another fantastic option. You might add some other non-edible items like mugs, candles, and kitchen towels.

The options are endless. If you want to give your loved one an ultra-comfortable Christmas, you could also include things like socks, slippers, or snuggly blankets.

  1.   Add the Finishing Touches

Remember to think outside of the basket or box too. You'll want to add some finishing touches, like ribbons or decorative jars. It's also a good idea to pay extra attention to a personalized greeting card. After all, we all like getting sentimental messages from the people we care about at Christmas.

Think about how you can make your Christmas gift feel even more special. If you're creating a basket at home, you could even get some pine leaves and fabric blossoms to tie around the handle. If you're making your own box, wrap it with a ribbon or wrapping paper.

What should the essentials be in a Christmas food gift box?

The essential items you include in your Christmas food gift box will depend on a number of factors, including who you're giving the gift to. Of course, you know your loved ones best, so ask yourself what they'll enjoy receiving during the festive season.

While the perfect gift will always vary, here are some great options to include:

  •         Baked goods: Freshly baked rolls, cakes, and similar treats are always fantastic during the holiday season. Fruitcakes, stollen, gingerbread, and rolls are just some of the options you can explore. Don't be afraid to experiment with different ideas.
  •         Chocolate and candy: When in doubt, chocolate and candy will always hit the right note in a Christmas hamper or gift. You could make your own bark recipe at home or simply order some delicious chocolatey treats online.
  •         Cookies: Once again, you're free to include your own recipe for the perfect cookie, but you can save yourself a lot of time by simply shopping for festive cookies online. Aside from chocolate chips and peanut butter, experiment with cinnamon and gingerbread for a more festive vibe.
  •         Non-edible treats: A Christmas food gift box doesn't have to be all edible. A few extra treats can really make your gift stand out. Once you've got the flavor right in your gift box, try adding some additional gifts like socks, candles, or food-themed items like oven gloves.
  •         Drinks: As mentioned above, it's worth being extra cautious with alcoholic drinks if you're not sure whether your gift recipient is avoiding alcohol. A good way to sidestep this issue is to choose some festive hot drinks instead. Cocoa and tea mixes are great options.
  •         Cheese: Everyone loves cheese at Christmas, particularly when it comes with a gourmet twist. Cheddar and red Leicester are popular around the holiday season, as well as brie. You can also look into some preserves, chutney, and similar foods to enjoy alongside the brie.

Don't forget to add your own personalized greeting card too. While your gift is sure to delight your loved one, it's made extra special by the addition of a unique message. You could even include a photo of your entire family in the package, wishing your recipient a Merry Christmas.

What kind of holiday food packages does Spoonful of Comfort offer?

If you're looking for a way to make giving the perfect food gift easier this year, avoid the hassle of building everything yourself with a delicious pre-made hamper from Spoonful of Comfort. Brimming with unique, delicious gifts and special extras, these hampers are designed to warm the heart of anyone this holiday season. You can choose from options like:

  •         Soup gift baskets: Choose a hearty soup gift basket with hand-crafted recipes sure to give your loved ones the extra nourishment they need during the winter. The Spoonful Holiday care packages include not just 64 ounces of your favorite soup flavor but also six delicious rolls, a brand-new ladle, a notecard with a personalized message, and a bunch of mouth-watering cookies.
  •         Cocoa and cookies baskets: If you're hoping to send an extra comforting gift this holiday season, try a cocoa and cookies package. This includes a gourmet hot chocolate tub, half a dozen delicious cookies, with special-edition holiday flavors to choose from, and a unique mug. There's also a greeting card with a personal message from you! You can also find packages with added extras, like candles with seasonal scents.
  •         Luxury gift baskets: If you really want to go above and beyond this festive season, why not choose a premium basket overflowing with gifts? Not only do you get two containers of delicious soup or mac n' cheese, but you'll also get bread bowls or rolls included. There are also festive cookies, a super-soft cozy blanket, a couple of sets of socks, a warmable plush pack, a lady, a candle, and a greeting card.

You can even customize your gift package from Spoonful of comfort to suit your recipient's specific needs. Add more socks or extra gifts. Personalize your greeting card, or simply avoid sending foods with specific ingredients if your loved one has allergies. Check out the full collection of food gift boxes and baskets available today!

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