Christmas Gifts for Older Women

Christmas Gifts for Older Women

The holidays are one of the prime times of the year for gift-giving. However, when you're making your list—and checking it twice—you may find that there are a few people on there that you just can't seem to come up with a good idea for. Perhaps it's your older aunts or another older woman in your friend circle. But don't fret. At Spoonful of Comfort, we can help you pick out the perfect Christmas gifts for older women. 

How Do You Shop for Older Women?

Shopping for an older woman is easy if you know what they like. For example, if you have a special woman in your life—a friend, an aunt, a grandmother, or a partner—pay close attention to her interests. If you haven't visited her home in a while, you can ask people she’s close to for ideas. Or, if she is active on social media, you can do some sleuthing on her timelines and posts, taking note of common themes in her life.

Knowing a woman's interests makes it easier to come up with a thoughtful gift rather than a run-of-the-mill knickknack off a store shelf. There are a number of ways to shop, too. You can visit a store, or you can hop online and find a unique gift idea from Spoonful of Comfort that is sure to knock her socks off.

What Kind of Gifts Do Women Always Enjoy?

There are several Christmas or birthday gifts that women, especially older women, enjoy. You can't go wrong with a gift basket packed with her favorite items. Other wonderful gift ideas include a personalized throw or a care set with essentials she can use. And who doesn't enjoy a meal that's ready to heat and enjoy? Our soup care packages are as fun to open as they are to eat.

What If My Grandma Already Has Everything She Wants?

If you're like many people whose grandmother has everything she could possibly want, it just means you have to dig a little deeper to find a great gift she'll appreciate. Believe it or not, there are plenty of options, including monthly club boxes or baskets. What better way to show you care than to have a monthly reminder show up as one of your Christmas gifts for grandma?

How Do I Make the Perfect Holiday Gift Basket?

A perfect holiday gift basket that's full of goodies is one of the best gift ideas available. It doesn't have to be themed unless you want it to be. Consider the person's likes. Does the woman you're shopping for enjoy afternoon tea? A selection of tea options and accessories, such as a teapot and cup set, and an infuser, are a fun, thoughtful gift theme she’ll appreciate.

You can also shop for her favorite foods, including jams, jellies, and soups, and combine them into a gift basket that is sure to be a favorite gift. Keep an eye out for Black Friday deals that can save you money without compromising on quality.

What Are Some of the Best Gift Ideas for Older Women?

Gift baskets make great Christmas gift ideas for women of all ages, but there are other avenues you can explore, too. For example, an ornament to commemorate a special occasion. Or if the woman in your life enjoys a spa day, you can gift her a spa set or even a gift certificate to buy her own products. You also can't go wrong with food gifts for Christmas.

How Much Money Should I Spend on a Gift?

This is one of those age-old questions, and there's no right answer. Everyone's budget is different, and therefore, the amount they can spend on a great gift varies. However, it's a good idea to keep your budget for a present of any kind—a birthday gift, Christmas present, or something special for Mother's Day—in line with what your recipient would spend. Likewise, the amount you'd spend on a friend versus a loved one in your life may differ.

Consider the relationship you have and how close you are to the woman you're shopping for. On average, most people will spend around $50 to $100 for a family member. For friends and other loved ones, you'd likely spend between $20 to $50. 

How Can I Best Express My Love With a Christmas Gift?

When giving a Christmas gift, there should be a good amount of sentiment behind it. Consider your loved one's circumstances. For example, are you shopping for a senior woman in a nursing home? Is she able to get around well, and is she living in a facility where she's mostly independent, or is she reliant on the staff? Your gift choices will largely depend on the answers to these questions.

One of the best ways to express your love for a women in your life this holiday season is to focus on a personalized gift, one that will stand out. It will show that you took the time to pick an item and tailor it to her. You never know—it might end up being one of the best Christmas gifts she’s ever received!

How Can I Make Christmas Feel Special this Year for My Elderly Loved One?

There's one real way to make the older woman in your life feel special, and that's being present for the holiday. More than the great gift you're bringing—which you no doubt put a lot of thought into—she'll remember the time you took to talk with and visit her. 

If the older person in your life is unable to get around like she used to, consider taking one of our soup packages and cooking a lunch or dinner for the two of you to enjoy. It creates a cozy atmosphere. Best of all, it will create some memories for both of you.
One of people’s favorite aspects of Spoonful of Comfort gifts is the packaging that’s an experience in itself. You can make your older friend or relative feel special with all the wonderful little surprises included with our packages. Thoughtful touches like fun quotes and beautiful patterns are included in boxes she can reuse for storing keepsakes or packaging her own gifts.

How Can Spoonful of Comfort Help Me?

Whether your grandma, mom, aunt, long-time friend, or any older woman lives close to you or across the country, Spoonful of Comfort can help make her holiday season full of comfort and joy. We have a wide selection of gift boxes and baskets on our site. Our products are jam-packed full of goodies with lots of optional add-ons, so you can create a package that’s meant for her alone.

If you find yourself stumped when looking for gift ideas for women in their sixties or older, our customer service agents are standing by to lend their expertise and guide you through the options for Christmas or even a birthday gift. You don't have to go it alone. We're here to help you find the perfect gift!

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