What to Gift at a Baby Shower

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What to Gift at a Baby Shower

Are you attending a party to celebrate an expecting parent and not sure what to bring? What to gift at a baby shower is a balance between what’s helpful, needed, and (let’s just say it) simply adorbs. There are soooo many options. And if you’re expecting a baby, maybe you’re unsure where to start with your registry. Here’s some advice shared from Spoonful moms and customers who suggest their most unique, practical, and much-needed shower gifts for this special time. 

1. Swaddle Blanket

Keep baby feeling warm and comforted after birth. You can choose a traditional design where the baby’s arms stay down when wrapped. Other designs place the baby’s hands near the face. 

2. Baby Care Basket

Babies need so many little things. This includes medical items like gas drops, nasal aspirators, and saline sprays. You can also include thermometers, massage oils, or over-the-counter medications. Tuck them thoughtfully inside a beautiful basket the new family will surely love. 

3. WiFi Camera

Baby shower gifts for mom or dad can make life easier once the baby is born. Take a WiFi camera, for example. When parents get a babysitter and go out for the evening, they can place the camera in a nursery or playroom and check in from time to time. It’s like a baby monitor, but often with better quality, plus you don’t have to stay in a particular transmission range. This might also be a thoughtful gift for parents who return to work soon after birth. 

4. Sound Machine

Sound machines can help the baby and the whole family sleep better. Some machines come with a soft-lit night light attached. Others let you choose between white noise, nighttime sounds, whale songs, and much more. They also offer different volumes, speeds, and timers. This is especially helpful for city families or those who live next door to barking dogs. 

5. Humidifier

This is something parents won’t even know they need until some evening when their baby gets congested. Then they’ll be thrilled to have it on hand. Choose any well-made cool-mist humidifier or one that doubles as a diffuser for baby-safe essential oils. 

6. Baby Wrap

When new parents run errands or move about the house, a wrap allows them to keep their baby close. This helps babies stay warm and sleep peacefully while mom or dad gets things done with their free hands and arms. Soft and flexible, find one that offers extra support or accommodations for nursing moms. 

7. Memory Book

Unique baby shower gifts that live on long after the baby is grown include personalized memory books. These can be photo albums, new parent journals, scrapbooks, or combinations. Parents record memories, favorite moments, and milestones along with pictures and small keepsakes. 

8. Self-Care Basket

Some self-care is desperately needed when parents experience labor, delivery, and sleepless nights. Baby shower gift basket ideas give moms and dads some extra TLC. Fill a basket or tote bag with comforting items like bath salts or soaps, essential oils, wine, chocolates, or lotions. 

Peace and Pampering Package

9. Diapers

Diapers remain a most needed shower gift for new parents. Does mom or dad want to try a more eco-friendly diaper service with washable diapers? Set that up for them! Otherwise, you can order diapers in bulk to be delivered or give them a sample selection to find their favorite after the baby is born. You can also include different sizes, so they have some as their baby grows. 

10. Help with Chores

Quite often, the best gifts for new parents help them devote more time to their babies. Hire someone to do the yard work or clean the house. Or come and do this yourself. Ask for a grocery list one weekend and go shopping for them. Do they need help getting the nursery painted or the crib put together? Maybe they’d love assistance installing car seats properly. The possibilities are endless.

11. Bibs and Bottles

Feeding time can be a messy time. Gift a supply of bottles and bibs, and they won’t go to waste. This is especially helpful if a parent has multiple infants, like twins. Buy the bibs and bottles in different colors to help parents track which baby drank how much, and when. 

12. Bath Supplies

Bath toys, waterproof books, and blocks make the tubby time a fun time. Include baby-friendly and hypoallergenic soaps, bubble baths, and shampoos. Parents also appreciate plenty of soft washcloths, towels, and receiving blankets to gather up their baby in something warm after bathtime is done. 

13. Books

Reading to babies when they’re newborns, out loud and often, leads to lifelong literacy. Get parents started with classics, picture books, or even books with textiles and cloth sections. They will withstand messy baby fingers or even teething toddlers a year or so down the line. 

14. Gift Cards

Sometimes a great gift is one that mom or dad can pick out themselves. Gift cards to toy stores, baby shops, or online retailers allow parents to get what they need but never thought to register for. We’ve got a gift card that lets new moms and dads order a homestyle meal when they need it. Or parents can pool cards together to purchase big-ticket items like baby furniture, specialty strollers, or car seats. 

15. A Good Nap

New parents need sleep. Offer to come over once a week or more often, if possible, to watch the baby while the new mom or dad gets some rest. It’s a kind, thoughtful, and appreciated gift of time and love. 

The Best Gifts

When you’re searching for what to gift at a baby shower, consider these unique and memorable ways to help new parents. Thoughtful gifts convey a lot of care and support as your loved one begins this new adventure. If you need more ideas, click here to give A Spoonful of Comfort to new parents and their babies!

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