Top 10 Reasons to send a little Spoonful of Comfort

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Top 10 Reasons to send a little Spoonful of Comfort
The first jar of Spoonful of Comfort chicken noodles soup was hand delivered by the company’s founder Marti Wymer to a Florida woman with breast cancer in December 2008. After a long pause on the door step, the woman opened the door wearing a robe that showed a patch on her chest and a bandana wrapped tightly around her head. As Marti assessed her exhausted appearance, she told her she had a package from a friend and the woman’s face immediately lit up. Marti remembers the feeling as “a beautiful thing to watch.” She recalls, “She was so thankful and grateful. I got in my car and cried the whole way home.”

Since her first local delivery, the reasons for sending chicken soup across the country have been varied. “I wish I could hand carry every package to witness their simple gratitude for the one who sent it,” Marti remarks. “Just like my first delivery.”

As calls come in daily, here are the top ten reasons to send a little Spoonful of Comfort:

#10 Your employee has called in sick a lot lately

In today’s work climate, every employee is valued. When one takes sick leave for more than a couple of days you worry about their health and morale at the same time. Take care of both concerns by sending them something that will make them feel better while also conveying a simple gesture that you care and value them as a person and employee. Watch them come back to work recommitted and willing to move mountains.

#9 Your cousin is coming home from surgery

After four years of telling you that the cold is really nasty in the northeast in February, your cousin slipped on the ice and broke his foot on his driveway, resulting in surgery. Send a little warmth his way from your home in the southwest. He might even come to visit next winter to bask in the sun with you.

#8 Your sister just adopted her first baby

It is easy to see that new moms that deliver their babies may not be in the physical condition to cook their own meals for a couple of weeks, but what about the ones who adopt? Show her that you understand that all new babies deprive sleep and comfort. She will be forever thankful that you understood her important role as a new mother.

#7 Your child misses her teacher

If you have ever tried to teach a school class, you know that teachers are angels on earth. You will also understand why they get sick during the year. Show them that you appreciate all they do for your child by sending Spoonful of Comfort. Who knows, your thoughtfulness may be returned in a little extra attention with your child’s difficulty in math.

#6 Your dog’s best friend died

You always thought you were your dog’s best friend, until his playmate from next door was hit by a car and he has sulked all week. You realize that if your dog is this sad, your neighbor must be a wreck. Hop on Spoonful of Comfort and send chicken soup with a note from your dog. The sentiment will go a long way in building a more solid friendship with your neighbor.

#5 Your mother and father have everything else they want or need

As holidays that honor your mother or father approach throughout the year, you are not alone if finding something to give them is more than difficult. Spoonful of Comfort offers the perfect gift solution for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, birthdays, anniversaries, work celebrations, retirement parties or just a simple way to send your love. When they open your thoughtful package, it will offer proof that they taught you well.

#4 Your mother in law is fighting hard

It is always difficult to know how to help our loved ones that are fighting serious illness. Whether they are returning from a chemotherapy treatment, resting to overcome pneumonia or overcoming a debilitating condition, everyday tasks can be overwhelming. Lighten their burden with Spoonful of Comfort's caring package.

#3 Your child is away and needs a little comfort from home

It is not easy when children leave home. Whether your sixth grade daughter is going away to summer camp for three weeks or your son is driving away to college or military training, Spoonful of Comfort can ease the anxiety - for both of you. With next-day delivery available, they will feel your love almost immediately, and you will know that they ate something healthy for a few days, even if all they have is a microwave.

#2 You want to show sympathy in a way that they will know you care

There are always times in life that sadness is felt from a distance and you just want to let others know you care. Whether you are looking for an alternative to the many flowers sent during mourning or want to send something that will offer nourishment, Spoonful of Comfort is ready to help.

#1 She needs the night off

Whether your wife spent the whole day caring for your three year old daughter with the flu or sitting in music lessons across town, show her that you understand that her job as a mother is equally as critical as yours. Let her take the night off with a home cooked meal. She will appreciate every bite!

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