Special & Unique Birthday Gift Ideas

Special & Unique Birthday Gift Ideas

Looking for gift ideas for birthdays? Check out this list of unique birthday gifts and find something fresh and fun to give the special people in your life. Whether it is your BFF that you’ve had for life or a new friend who has helped you through a tough time, these unique birthday gifts will make their special day a little more memorable.

Personal and Precious

Handmade items are the pinnacle of unique birthday gifts because they reflect your style. Cards and letters are embellished with your handwriting. Personal paintings show the love for each brushstroke. Knitted, crocheted, and hand-sewn items weave affection with each stitch.

Cute Coupons

Did you make those coupon books when you were a kid, perhaps for a parent or a sibling? Your brother could redeem one for “One Hour Playing My Xbox,” or you may have made one for mom that read “Good for (1) 15-minute Foot Rub.”

Guess what? Grown-ups can make them too. Your bestie will love getting a coupon for a “Pizza and Movie Night” or “I’ll Watch the Kids” time.

Helpful and Practical

Sometimes, the best gift you can give is one that meets a daily need. Is your friend a bit unorganized? Book her session or two of home organization services. Does she hate cleaning? Gift her a Roomba.

Special & Unique Birthday Gift Ideas

Blissful Bathtime

Bubble baths are still amazing, but bathtime has gone way beyond the fuzzy foam. Make your buddy’s bathtime beautiful with a bath pillow and shelf, fragrant and moisturizing bath bombs, soothing moisturizer, a thick oversized bath towel, and a comfy robe and slippers to relax in after.

Subscription for Happiness

Send or give them a gift that keeps on giving all year. Subscriptions are all the rage, and you can mix and match them to give the birthday girl (or boy) a way to relax and escape the world for a minute—or more.

Give a subscription to a favorite magazine and then pair it with a monthly food subscription. There are lots of subscriptions to choose from, including wine, chocolates, fresh fruits, or global snack boxes that come with treats from a different country each month. You’ll be giving the delightful gifts of downtime and discovery.

Perhaps she likes puzzles or board games. Maybe an eco-friendly box of renewable items each month, like metal or bamboo straws, cloth napkins, and stainless steel drink cups.

Who Tells Your Story

Tell the story of your friendship and how you met, the crazy things you did, and the good times and the bad. You may reveal things that your friend never knew or that they didn’t realize meant so much to you. It can be a commemoration of your life together that can be looked back on time and time again. Look online for prompts if you get stuck and need ideas. This will be a terrific gift and journey for both of you.

Jotting Down the Journey

There is something very soothing about a beautiful journal and a good pen. It is full of potential for your friend—the potential for therapeutic release and meditation through putting pen to paper. And it may provide their posterity with an inside look later in life,

Special and Unique Birthday Gifts

Cool & Quirky, Weird & Wild

So, what do you do when you’ve known each other for years, your buddy has pretty much everything they could need, and you just can’t think of any unique birthday gifts? It’s time to think outside of the box. Get something they may not need or don’t yet realize they need! They’ll wonder how they ever lived without:

  • A detergent cup holder
  • An electric chainsaw carving knife
  • NASA-inspired carbon eyeglass cleaner
  • A couch coaster weighted drink holder
  • An automatic pot-stirrer
  • A hot flash cooling bracelet

Sweet and Scrumptious

When you can’t be there in person, the delivery of unique birthday gifts can be just as touching and add an element of surprise. Some lovely ideas for birthday gifts can include these fun Spoonful of Comfort care packages:

While you’re at it, have Spoonful of Comfort delivered to your door, and then set up a virtual date with your birthday pal. Catch up over a bowl of hot and hearty soup and warm artisanal rolls, then settle in for a watch party of a new movie or your favorite series. Real-time or virtual, you are still sharing a moment and making their birthday special and unique.

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