How to Choose the Ultimate 1 Year Anniversary Gift

How to Choose the Ultimate 1 Year Anniversary Gift

A 1 year anniversary is an important event. It's an opportunity to mark the first meaningful stage of your new life with your spouse. After 365 days of wedded bliss, you'll be closer to your partner than ever. You'll have experienced what it's like to be husband and wife, and you're probably looking forward to the countless years left to come. 

Firsts are a big thing in any relationship, from a first kiss to a first mother's day gift. So, how do you choose a 1st anniversary gift that really makes an impact? 

So while the traditional paper wedding anniversary gift might seem a little bland, there are plenty of ways you can personalize your present and make it unique. 

What are Traditional 1 Year Anniversary Gifts?

Every year of marriage has a traditional gifting theme associated with it. However, the traditional gift for an anniversary celebration can differ depending on where you are in the world and which specific guidelines you follow. 

Typically, the longer you've been married, the more durable or valuable the material chosen for the gift becomes. For instance, on your 20th anniversary, the traditional gift is china, while the typical 5th anniversary gift is wood. Other traditions assign the 1 year anniversary a specific metal (Gold) or flower (carnation). 

For your first anniversary, you'll have a choice between traditional and modern first anniversary gifts. The original gift theme is "paper," while the more modern option is the clock. The reason the first year is the paper anniversary is that paper symbolizes fragility. It's a reference to how new your marriage is. The clock, on the other hand, is a symbol of time. It highlights the time you've already spent with your partner and the years left to come. 

While you don't have to choose a clock or paper gift for your anniversary, following these themes can make it easier to find a perfect and unique gift. After all, once you have a starting point for where to begin looking for 1st anniversary gift ideas, you're already halfway there. 

What are some of the best ideas surrounding the paper theme?

Since the paper anniversary gift is the most common for a 1 year celebration, most people prefer to start here. At a glance, paper might not seem like a particularly interesting gift option. However, there are a lot of different ways you can add meaning to your present to create the perfect anniversary gift. Here are some great gift ideas for your loved one related to the paper:

  • Personalized art: Commission an artist to create a canvas showcasing something important from your wedding or marriage on paper. You could have a unique piece of wall art with your wedding date written on the bottom, or you could ask a calligrapher to recreate your wedding vows on a beautiful background. 
  • Gift cards: While gift cards might not be the most exciting gift, they're a good way to celebrate a paper anniversary. You can choose specific gift cards related to your partner's interests. This could also be a good option if you're celebrating an anniversary with a girlfriend or boyfriend rather than a spouse. 
  • Paper flowers: Get creative with your gift idea by making a set of stunning paper flowers in your partner's favorite colors. Paper flowers are far more unique as an anniversary gift idea than a simple bouquet. You could even print the paper with lyrics from your partner's favorite song or lines from a book. Or why not have the design of the flowers match the bouquet from your wedding day? 
  • Personalized stationery: If your partner is a fan of writing or drawing, get them some stationary to play with. You could also use these personalized gifts as a way to give your partner something fun to take to work. Add your names to pens with engraving, or include the date of your wedding. The options are endless. 
  • Photo books: Traditional photos are printed on paper too. Why not create an album of pictures from your wedding, marriage, and life together? This a great wedding anniversary gift idea for preserving your precious memories. Plus, you can always add more pictures to the album as you move through your life together. 

Don't forget to include an anniversary card with your gift so you can share some sentiments about your paper anniversary. Also, include a note to your partner telling them what this first year together means to you, and how you look forward to many more.  

How can I get creative with traditional anniversary gifts?

There are many ways to make paper/clock gifts even more special with a little customization. Here are a few ways to make your 1st year wedding anniversary gift even more meaningful:

  • Personalize it: Make your paper or clock gift specific to your relationship and your partner. Consider ways to include your wedding dates, your names, and more. You might create a custom star map of the day you got married or turn the sheet music from your first dance into an art piece. 
  • Create something: A good way to create a customized gift is to make it yourself. You could combine a traditional gift like paper with your own creativity to write your loved one a poem or a special letter. Or you could learn paper folding to make them something unique.
  • Make it an event: Sometimes, the perfect anniversary gift is an experience. If you want to combine your activity with the traditional anniversary gift theme, do something related to paper. You could visit a bookstore, take a writing class, or learn origami together. 
  • Create a hamper: Make a hamper or gift basket of various things related to the 1st wedding anniversary gift traditional theme. You could buy your partner a new watch, write a poem, include a few of their favorite books, and some personalized stationery. You can even add non-themed gifts to the mix, like cookies and sweets. 
  • Make your own theme: If you don't like the idea of a paper wedding anniversary gift for your 1 year anniversary, choose your own theme with the help of your partner. You can pick a new theme for every year of your marriage. 

How can Spoonful of Comfort help me?

At Spoonful of Comfort, we have countless hampers and options available to help you choose the perfect gift for any occasion. So whether you're choosing an anniversary gift idea for your girlfriend, a paper anniversary gift for your 1st year of marriage, or a wedding gift, there's something for everyone. 

Our beautiful hampers and personalized gift sets are a fantastic way to show your love and demonstrate how much you know about your partner. So start building the ultimate gift package for your 1 year anniversary today. 

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