Ideas for the Perfect 4-Year Anniversary Gift

Ideas for the Perfect 4-Year Anniversary Gift

Four-year anniversaries don’t get a lot of attention. The first few first years are a big deal. After that, we tend to focus on the round numbers: the 5th, the 10th and so on. But the fourth wedding anniversary is every bit as meaningful…and it's an important milestone to acknowledge.

What Is the Significance of a 4-Year Anniversary?

Building a life together isn’t always easy and many relationships don’t make it this far. The fourth anniversary is a perfect time to celebrate your marital successes and learning moments. It’s also an opportunity to renew your commitment to each other. Giving a thoughtful gift will let your spouse know that you would happily marry them all over again.

What Are the Traditional 4th Anniversary Gifts?

Flowers or fruit is the traditional gift for the fourth anniversary, representing your blossoming or ripening relationship. While all types of flowers are appropriate, geraniums are a nice choice, as they symbolize positive emotions and happiness.

Blue and green are the colors of the fourth anniversary, so a blue topaz is a fitting gemstone.

The modern fourth-anniversary gift is appliances, meant to make home life easier. Practical, yes, but not very romantic…

If flowers, fruit, topaz, or a new toaster oven don’t really capture your feelings about the occasion, we have some other great suggestions. Let’s start by looking at gifts associated with other anniversaries.

Other Traditional Anniversary Gifts

The origins of traditional anniversary gifts may date back as far as the Roman Empire. Over the centuries, the list of gifts has become more standardized, though there are differences, depending on the source. What all sources have in common is that each year’s gift is stronger and more substantial than the one before, representing the growth and strengthening of your marriage.

Here is a list of traditional and modern gifts for all the other anniversaries leading up to the 10th. 

  • 1st Anniversary: Paper is the traditional gift, symbolizing the fragility of the early years of marriage and a future yet to be written. A photo album is an excellent gift, as are clocks or watches.
  • 2nd Anniversary: Fiber or cotton represents a close-knit relationship. Bedding or a cozy blanket are good choices. 
  • 3rd Anniversary: Symbolize the durable bond of your marriage with leather. Modern gifts of crystal or glass also highlight the beauty of your three-year relationship. 
  • 5th Anniversary: Gifts of wood are traditional for this anniversary. A wooden keepsake box or a nicely-framed photo make excellent gifts.
  • 6th Anniversary: Some sources say iron is the theme for this anniversary, while others say candy is customary. This celebrates the sweetness of your life together, but while candy is nice, a spa day gift card would be just as sweet. Other traditional gifts are amethyst and calla lilies.
  • 7th Anniversary: Copper or wool are considered traditional gifts, both materials that symbolize the warmth you feel for your spouse. The modern gift is a desk set, or something else to show support for their ambitions.
  • 8th Anniversary: Bronze and pottery are traditional, while modern gifts include linen or lace. Clematis is the traditional 8th anniversary flower, perfect in a bouquet…or planted in the garden. 
  • 9th Anniversary: The traditional gift is pottery. Ceramics, a handmade/personalize mug, or a vase filled with poppies (the traditional 9th-year flower) are all excellent ideas. 

Unique 4th Anniversary Gift Ideas

While a traditional 4th anniversary gift might be appreciated, it may not be the best fit for everyone. What’s important is that the gift be thoughtful and meaningful to your spouse. Jewelry or a romantic vacation are fine choices, but if you want to do something unexpected and add a unique flair to your celebration, consider these options:  

  • A map showing all the places you’ve traveled together so far
  • A personal star (yes, you can buy and name your own star!)
  • A custom “Our Story” painting detailing important moments of your life up through your fourth anniversary
  • A personalized memory game to help you reminisce on the best moments of your relationship
  • A couples massage
  • A personalized puzzle
  • A custom painting or drawing
  • A massage chair
  • A romantic card game to keep things exciting

How Spoonful of Comfort can help

Spoonful of Comfort offers a wide variety of thoughtful gifts to make your special person feel loved and appreciated. From cozy blankets, socks and self-care packages to personalized mugs and puzzles, your spouse will feel celebrated with a Spoonful of Comfort gift box. Let us help you make your 4th-year anniversary unforgettable!

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