70th Birthday Gift Ideas: Celebrating the Platinum Milestone Birthday

70th Birthday Gift Ideas: Celebrating the Platinum Milestone Birthday

All birthdays when you enter a new decade are milestone birthdays. Something special about entering a new decade in life makes these birthdays significant. A decade birthday doesn't only mean you had another year on this earth, but another 10 years! Read more about 70th birthday meanings here.

On your 70th birthday, you become a septuagenarian. That’s someone between 70 and 79 years old. It’s really just a fancy way of saying that someone is 70 years old or in their 70s.

How can I throw the best 70th birthday party?

A 70th birthday deserves a big birthday celebration. Throwing a “happy 70th birthday” party can make your friend or family member feel cherished and loved. You can hold your 70th birthday party at a venue, a restaurant, or at someone's home.

When planning a 70th birthday party, consider doing something that the birthday person will enjoy, like playing some games, listening to good music, or dressing up.

Make your loved one's day memorable by exploring some of the beautiful memories they made throughout the decades. Add a special touch by having each guest write down or share one of their favorite memories of the birthday person.

Another way to share beautiful memories is to ask guests to bring or share photos or videos of them and the birthday person. If you ask beforehand, you can turn these into a slideshow or mini-movie celebrating the wonderful things they have done in their lives so far.

Honestly, the best 70th birthday party is one that the guest of honor enjoys. Focus on what they like and make them feel loved and cherished—don't forget the 70th birthday decorations!

What are some good 70th birthday gift ideas?

Anything that spans 70 years is considered to be an outstanding achievement. This includes anniversaries and even the reign of royalty. Monarchs who reign for 70 years, turn 70, or have had their kingdom for 70 years celebrate their platinum jubilee. Similarly, couples who have been married for 70 years celebrate their platinum anniversary.

It might be a nice gesture to acknowledge the massive accomplishment of someone who is celebrating their 70th birthday by giving them something made of platinum. Platinum jewelry like rings, necklaces, or bracelets would make beautiful 70th gifts for women while platinum cufflinks could make an excellent 70th birthday gift for men.

Although you could give the birthday boy or birthday girl a platinum gift, thoughtful 70th birthday presents do not need to be more extravagant than 50th birthday gifts or 60th birthday gifts. Find some inspiring 60th birthday gift ideas here.

70th birthday gifts also don't need to be less extravagant than 80th birthday gifts, 90th birthday gifts, or even 100th birthday gifts.

The secret to giving the perfect 70th birthday gift is the same as any other gift: it should be something thoughtful. The best gifts are those that come from the heart, with a lot of thought (and sometimes planning and resources) invested into them.

Some thoughtful 70th birthday gift ideas include tickets to your loved one's favorite show or an event they would love to attend, a class for a hobby that they enjoy or would like to take up, or a gift card to their favorite store.

Many 70-year-olds might enjoy experience gifts instead of things. They might love to spend a day with their loved ones or do something that they always wanted to do but never got around to. Gifting someone who turns 70 years old with a memorable experience might be more meaningful than another tie or pair of socks. Of course, if the person loves collecting ties or socks, these would make excellent 70th gifts for men!

Personalized gifts like monogrammed anything usually make great gifts. You can also add a more personal touch to a 70th birthday gift by adding a heartfelt birthday card. With much of our communication happening digitally these days, it is always a pleasant surprise to receive a handwritten note from someone telling us how much we mean to them.

How can Spoonful of Comfort help me give something meaningful?

What is better than a 70th birthday gift? A few 70th birthday gifts. That makes Spoonful of Comfort gifts extra nice to receive and perfect for celebrating a milestone birthday.

Spoonful of Comfort can put together the perfect gift for your loved one. You can send them a soup package filled with 64 ounces of hearty soup, half a dozen rolls, half a dozen cookies, a beautiful ladle, and a card with a personal message from you. This is a wonderful gift if you want to enjoy some special time and a meal with someone celebrating their birthday.

Someone who loves to be pampered might adore the Peace and Pampering or Cookies and Cuddles care package, or a coffee lover might enjoy the Coffee Pick-Me-Up package.

You can add on items like jewelry or secret message puzzles to make your 70th birthday care package even more unique and special. Essential oil rollers could lift their mood—or calm them down, and an adult coloring book could help them practice more mindfulness. A cable knit blanket keeps them cozy, while a pie (or even two!) makes the perfect anytime treat.

It may take some time and effort to come up with some good 70th birthday ideas and a great gift to go with them. Nothing says 'Happy birthday' like a thoughtful gift or a memorable 70th birthday party.

70th birthday gifts don't have to be super expensive or extravagant. The important thing is that the gift is thoughtful and means something to the birthday person. People usually know if you picked the first kind of appealing thing you saw on the shelf. Generic items rarely make great gifts—unless the person really loves chocolate or another pair of slippers.

Make your loved one's 70th birthday special and memorable by celebrating them and gifting them with something that will spoil them and remind them how much they mean to you. A care package from Spoonful of Comfort is sure to do just that!

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