Your 3 Year Anniversary Gift Guide

Your 3 Year Anniversary Gift Guide


Every anniversary should be celebrated. After all, it marks another year of marriage and, likely, a year where you shared in the good, the bad, and the mediocre of life's experiences.

Read on for the best leather anniversary gifts ideas if you need some third anniversary gift inspiration.

What is the significance of our third anniversary?

By the time you and your spouse reach your third wedding anniversary, you likely will have gone through plenty of good and bad times together. In year one, you might have been in the honeymoon phase. You might have experienced some grounding in year two as reality crept in. Finally, you and your spouse might have settled into married life in year three.

At this point, your love and commitment are stronger than ever, and you and your relationship are flexible and resilient.

Why is leather the traditional gift for a three year anniversary?

Traditional anniversary gifts increase in value each year. For example, a 3rd anniversary gift is more valuable and durable than a 1 year anniversary gift and a 2 year anniversary gift  but less so than a 4th anniversary gift.

The idea is that anniversary gifts reflect the time and commitment you put into the marriage.

So, why leather?

Leather is strong, flexible, durable, and warm - all characteristics that most couples have developed by the third year of marriage. The warmth and protection of leather are qualities that will also help a marriage last.

What is another symbol of the three year anniversary?

A more modern third anniversary gift is crystal glass. It represents the idea that a relationship is fragile and should be taken care of. The light reflecting off crystal symbolizes how a couple can become the light in other people's lives.

What is the third anniversary stone?

The third anniversary stone is jade or pearl.

What should I get my spouse for our third anniversary?

There is plenty of leather gift options to give someone on their third wedding anniversary. Here are a few ideas:

  • Watch or smartwatch with leather straps
  • Jewelry like a leather bracelet or necklace
  • Leather wallet
  • Leather apron
  • Leather slippers or boots
  • Leather tray
  • Leather belt
  • Leather jacket
  • Leather briefcase, laptop bag, or device cover
  • Leather handbag
  • Leather journal
  • Leather gloves
  • Leather luggage
  • Leather roses
  • Leather coasters
  • Leather photo album

For a slight twist, consider gifting someone celebrating their 3rd wedding anniversary with jewelry or ornaments made from jade, crystal, or pearl. In addition, photo frames, vases, candle holders, or figurines are all excellent 3rd anniversary gift ideas.

You can opt for vegan leather to go eco and animal-friendly. Vegan leather can be made from polyurethane, recycled plastic, or plant material like pineapple leaves, apple peels, and cork. You can even make it from cacti.

Can I give flowers for the third anniversary, and what is the third anniversary flower?

Flowers always make a great gift. A large bouquet can be a beautiful stand-alone third anniversary gift or an accompaniment to one or more other gifts.

The 3rd anniversary flower is a fuchsia. They aren't the types of flowers you can usually purchase from a florist as cut flowers. However, you could purchase and gift a fuchsia plant as an anniversary gift instead. This way, the gift will last and can be enjoyed for years to come. Fuchsias represent love and amiability.

Lily of the valley is an alternative third anniversary flower. These can be purchased as cut flowers and would make a brilliant surprise for someone celebrating their 3rd anniversary. Lily of the valley flowers symbolizes purity, sweetness, and trustworthiness - making them the perfect gift.

Spouses can also give sunflowers for the third anniversary. According to Chinese beliefs, these flowers represent good luck and sharing a long life.

What are some romantic ways to celebrate our anniversary other than gift-giving?

Sometimes an experience is more memorable than a gift. For example, a romantic night or weekend away at a fancy hotel would give the couple time to catch up and reconnect away from the demands of their daily life.

A date night at a nice restaurant could remind them (or you and your spouse) of when they first started dating. Spa days are another way to take some time out to reconnect and spend some time together relaxing and being pampered.

If you want to stick to the third anniversary theme, try going to a class where you learn to make items from leather or glass.

How can I take what I know about my spouse to come up with a personal and unique gift?

After three years of marriage, you should know your spouse pretty well. To come up with a unique and personal gift they love, start by thinking about things they enjoy. This could be something they enjoy eating or drinking or something they enjoy doing. Make a list of these things. For example, they could enjoy good coffee, binge on chocolate frequently, or savor an expensive wine or brandy when they unwind.

Think about their hobbies and how they choose to spend their time relaxing. Write these things down too.

Once you have your list, write down some things they might use to eat, drink, or do these things. For example, a coffee lover might use leather coasters or a leather case to store their coffee-making paraphernalia. Someone who enjoys playing games on a mobile device could need a new case for their device.

Giving something that they will use will show them that you put thought into their third anniversary gift.

How can Spoonful of Comfort help me?

Spoonful of Comfort puts thoughtfully selected items into their gift packages. A Soup Package could make for a romantic dinner for two, or stick to dessert by sending a Blue Ribbon Pie Package. You can add various items to your care package, like Sweet Sentiments Jewelry or Mystery Message Puzzles. You can add a lovely anniversary card with a thoughtful and personal message.

You could choose to give a traditional gift for a 3rd wedding anniversary. In this case, a leather item or leather-related experience would make the perfect anniversary gift. You don't need to give genuine leather items. Gifts made from vegan leather still make traditional leather anniversary gifts.

If you want to give something a bit different, give something incorporating other third anniversary symbols. For example, you could give something decorated with pearls or jade or made from crystal. All of these could be accompanied by the traditional 3rd wedding anniversary flower, the fuchsia.

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