Cotton: The 2 Year Anniversary Gift Symbolizing Flexibility and Strength in Unity

Cotton: The 2 Year Anniversary Gift Symbolizing Flexibility and Strength in Unity

A second wedding anniversary is kind of a big deal. It is a time when a couple is still relatively new to being married, but they have been through so much together that they are stronger now than ever.

 The traditional second anniversary gift is cotton, but spouses can also give items made of straw or china or decorated with garnets or cosmos flowers.

 Read on to find out why cotton is the traditional material for 2nd wedding anniversary gifts and get some excellent cotton anniversary gift ideas.

 Is a second anniversary special at all?

Your second wedding anniversary may not be quite as momentous as the first, the fifth, or the 10th. It could quietly sneak up on you - and by you - almost without being celebrated.

This seemingly insignificant relationship milestone should be celebrated. By this time, you have probably moved past the wedded bliss honeymoon phase of the first year of your marriage. You are settling into married life and probably have had to overcome some difficult situations.

Two years of marriage would have likely tested your commitment to your relationship and your spouse around this time. You are more comfortable with each other but also have so much to learn about each other still.

That is why a second wedding anniversary should be celebrated and celebrated with anniversary gifts! Because of everything you have already gone through, what you have learned, and how your bond has strengthened. It should be celebrated in anticipation of the learning and growing that is yet to come. Find out more about making the second year special

What is the story behind the traditional cotton gift for the second anniversary?

The tradition of giving a gift made of a specific material for a wedding anniversary dates back to the Middle Ages. In the Germanic regions of Europe, a husband would give his wife a crown made of silver on their 25th wedding anniversary. On their 50th anniversary, she would receive a crown made of gold.

The crowns given for anniversaries were made of increasingly stronger metal. This symbolizes how the couple's union became stronger with time.

Cotton is the traditional gift for a two year anniversary. Why cotton? Cotton fibers are adaptable or flexible; they last longer and are strong, especially when woven together. These all symbolize the traits that are part of a healthy marriage and why items made of cotton make excellent second anniversary gifts.

A marriage can grow stronger only if each individual and the two as a couple are flexible and willing to adapt. It is a long-lasting or long-term commitment, and the two individuals get their strength from each other and their union. Cotton anniversary gifts are a reminder of that.

What is the second anniversary stone?

The second wedding anniversary gemstone is garnet. Although it is best known for its bright red hues, garnets come in nearly every color. In the Bronze age, garnets were buried with deceased loved ones as a symbol of love and passion. Ancient Greeks also believed it symbolized passion while protecting the wearer. In England, garnets were worn by royalty.

Items that are decorated with garnets make excellent 2 year anniversary gifts. They offer some protection and invite passion into the union. 

What should I get my spouse for our second anniversary?

There are plenty of options to give your spouse a traditional cotton gift for your second wedding anniversary. Cotton anniversary gifts do not need to be boring or predictable. For example, think of cotton clothing like a nice shirt or a beautiful dress. Personalized items like monogrammed robes, slippers, or ties always add a special touch.

You don't need to stick to items made from cotton fabric for your two year anniversary gifts. Cotton can be used to make items like fishnets, tents, book bindings, coffee filters, and archival paper.

You can get some more ideas in this guide to traditional and modern second anniversary gifts.

Have fun making a thoughtful and personal anniversary gift

Making your 2nd anniversary gifts tells someone you invested time and effort into their gift. For example, for a second cotton wedding anniversary, you can make your spouse an item of clothing from cotton cloth. Or give your bedroom a romantic makeover by making a new bedding set. Add these to a gift box filled with other romantic gifts like champagne, chocolates, and other treats to enjoy together in bed on your next date night.

What are the best modern gifts for a second anniversary?

While cotton is the traditional material to give someone on their second wedding anniversary, other materials are also popular. For example, some believe that straw is also traditionally given as a second wedding anniversary gift.

Finding a unique and memorable gift made from straw might be difficult. But on the other hand, it could help you explore your creativity. For example, suppose you want to give a loved one a second wedding anniversary gift made of straw. Looking for crafts or other handmade articles from a local craft fair or farmer's market is a good place to start. Alternatively, you may need to make a gift yourself.

China has replaced cotton as the modern second wedding anniversary gift. This could include plates or serving dishes, vases, or figurines. If you want to get a bit quirky, you could get your spouse a fun and personalized mug made of china.

You could add the two-year anniversary flower to your second anniversary gifts. This flower is the cosmos. Cosmos are pretty flowers, often light pink-purple or white. They can also be dark burgundy or wine red. These flowers are robust and bloom from summer to fall.

Fresh cosmos flowers make beautiful second wedding anniversary gifts. However, if you want something that will last longer, look for jewelry, a piece of art, or other decorative items with some cosmos.

Alternatives to gift giving as a young couple

Although it is always a thoughtful gesture, giving someone an anniversary gift is not required. Young couples may spend money on their home or children instead. Or they could donate to their favorite charity.

Alternatively, young couples could decide to share a memorable experience instead of buying more stuff for their 2 year anniversary.

How can Spoonful of Comfort help you find the perfect heartfelt second wedding anniversary gift for the one you love?

Spoonful of Comfort specializes in putting together beautiful care packages. Our range of gift packages can be customized to include special spoils and a 2nd anniversary card for your loved one on your (or their) wedding anniversary.

Whether it is the 2nd or 3rd anniversary, the best anniversary gifts are always something that comes from the heart. Great gift ideas for your second year of marriage include traditional gifts made of cotton or more modern gifts like China. If you want to get something extra special, consider an item embellished with a garnet and add it all to a gift basket from Spoonful of Comfort. 

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