Real Meals for Virtual Meetings

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Real Meals for Virtual Meetings

Today’s workplace is witnessing the development of a new normal. Terms like “hybrid teams,” and “people-first organizations” are the new office vocabulary, and new job titles are popping up, such as “Head of Remote.” 

Joe Giglio, author of Making Remote Work, Work for You, has predicted that “smaller, nimble startups will continue to lead the way in building great remote-first cultures, offering opportunities for growth, continuous learning programs, harmony between work and personal life, flexibility, and respect.” 

It’s an exciting time to be in business! Companies that are willing to change and experiment with new ways of doing things are predicted to be the companies who will thrive in the years to come. Suddenly, business as usual—is a little unusual!

The Power of Sharing a Meal

As humans, sharing food has always played a central role in the way we connect with one another, but did you know that sharing the same food can increase trust and cooperation between humans? So, just as humans traditionally sit down with their families to break bread, it makes perfect sense to sit down and share the same food in business settings to also promote trust and cooperation. 

As we eat together, we have the opportunity to come to a consensus on pressing matters, to slow down, bond, and develop respect and acceptance for one another. These are all important elements in business relationships. And now is the perfect time to discover new ways to keep your people connected to one another, no matter their location. 

We suggest doing it with delicious food. 

In the past, lunch hour in the business world has been a time to quickly refuel and then get back to work. Coworkers would meet for lunch or work right through it with a lunch meeting. Food was ordered and picked up by an employee or delivered by a local restaurant. Larger meetings were often catered. 

So what happens with today’s hybrid teams who no longer work together in the same place, on the same schedule, every workday? The answer, a little preplanning and a WFH meal package. 

Changing the Way Companies Do Lunch

Currently, the restaurant industry has been one of the hardest hit by the global pandemic. It’s now in the throes of the “Great Resignation,” and people who are still eating out have seen firsthand how restaurants are struggling to retain employees and carry on with business as usual. 

Today’s circumstances are perfect for innovation and change—a virtual meeting with a meal! We’re excited to bring our solution to the forefront of helping companies keep their people connected. For more than a decade, Spoonful of Comfort has provided practical, delicious meals for any corporate meeting or event. Now we’re translating that to home delivery no matter the size or where your employees are working! Hybrid teams, quite naturally, are our specialty. 

Spoonful of Comfort Catering Services

Many business professionals are suggesting that although some in-person meetings are still necessary, fewer meetings are better, and the meetings you do have need to be done right. When you’re hosting a virtual event and want to provide a meal, it needs to be easy, efficient, reliable, and tasty. Spoonful of Comfort is your partner in innovation. 

Let us help you demonstrate what the future can look like with work-from-home meal packages that arrive the day before your meeting to each of your employees—right where they are. The shared of experience of enjoying the same comforting food during all kinds of virtual gatherings is an exciting, new way to foster connection.

Meals by Mail: How It Works

Imagine yourself on the receiving end: A virtual meeting has been scheduled. You receive a personally addressed parcel on your doorstep. Inside you find a complete meal that’s beautifully packaged (this is no plastic delivery bag!). The shipping box features the company logo, inside there’s a branded note card with a personal message, a meeting agenda, and some company swag. Now, that makes an impression! 

When it’s time to meet, enjoy your soup, rolls, and cookies while you join your online meeting to discuss the next steps of business with your team. A virtual lunch or dinner is a great way to build camaraderie and elevate any remote meeting experience. 

To order, all you need to do is connect with Spoonful of Comfort. Describe your virtual event, the number of attendees, names, addresses, and meal selections, and any preferences for customizing packages. Your Spoonful of Comfort account manager will coordinate your packages arrival date and help you determine your corporate discount.

Our catered packages are delivered right to each person’s door with:

  • Delicious gourmet soup (4-6 generous servings)
  • 6 Italian bacci rolls
  • 6 soft and chewy cookies
  • Everything ready to heat and serve—ladle included

Spoonful of Comfort is a reliable alternative to services like Doordash, Grubhub, or Uber Eats, which can have limited delivery zones and delivery drivers. We deliver anywhere in the United States through long-established postal services. The experience feels more personal, too.

And it works! Organizations around the country are sending our catered packages to virtual board meetings, donor events, employee trainings, and educator workshops. Even remote staff meetings are benefitting from breaking bread (and sipping soup) together. 

Call us today to arrange catered packages for your next remote meeting—you’ll get 15% off your total order with a corporate account. Unlike the current circumstances for most restaurants, we’re well-equipped for short notice and excellent service. Simplify your next virtual meeting with real catering that’s really easy. Give us a try! We look forward to providing many pleasurable shared food experiences for your company in the future. 

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