What to Put In a Thanksgiving Gift Basket

Thanksgiving Care Package

Any time is a good time to show appreciation for the simple things in life. A beautiful flower growing in a crack in the sidewalk, or a comfy bed and a good night’s sleep.

Thanksgiving is a day that illuminates the things for which we’re thankful. You share kind words of gratitude with those around you, often over a special meal. When you want to show your appreciation with a gift, you might consider a gift basket with things the recipient loves.

Gift baskets are the perfect Thanksgiving family gifts and Thanksgiving gifts for friends. Explore what to put in a Thanksgiving gift basket to show your appreciation to a loved one.

The Perfect Gift for Thanksgiving

To choose the perfect gift, just put a little thought into it. What does the person like or need? What will make them smile? 

Gifts that will make someone’s holiday a little easier are always appreciated, such as convenience foods, cookware, or serving utensils. Bring them a unique centerpiece that they can enjoy after Thanksgiving. Provide the gift of comfort with fuzzy socks, a warm blanket, hot cocoa, and a good book.

Unique Thanksgiving Gifts

Gift baskets make excellent gifts because they can be as fun, creative, practical, or productive as you want. They don’t have to arrive right on Thanksgiving, either. Consider making the entire months one of gratitude. Check out some ideas of what to give this year during the Thanksgiving season.

Gifts for Guests

You’re already hosting the Thanksgiving festivities, but you want to send your guests home with something that will make them smile and feel grateful each time they see it. Some unique Thanksgiving gifts for guests include:

  • Keepsake Memory Books: A keepsake memory book can be anything from a nice notebook to a leather-covered binder. Your guests sign each other’s books and share memories and inspirations. Bring the books back year after year to document the timelines of your lives.
  • Upscale To-Go Containers: Grab a variety at thrift stores, make them yourself, or order personalized containers. Each guest can go home with their favorite leftovers packed inside a container that doubles as a gift they can continue to use in the future.
  • Gratitude Journals: Keep the spirit of Thanksgiving alive all year long by gifting your guests a journal in which they can write what they are grateful for each day.

Gifts for Hosts

Hosting a Thanksgiving meal is a massive endeavor. It involves cleaning the house, shopping for groceries, setting up tables, making the meal, and then cleaning the house again. Show your appreciation for their hard work with unique Thanksgiving host gifts like:

  • A decorative pepper mill and salt cellar with specialty peppercorns and salts
  • A wine advent calendar that starts on December 1
  • A subscription to the spice of the month club
  • A basket of decorations to use next year
  • A gift card for a spa day for relaxation after the big event

Gifts Just Because

Do you know someone who will spend Thanksgiving alone? Or do you want to do something special for a neighbor or coworker?

Put together a gift basket of fishing gear for that neighbor who is always out on his boat. Throw together a mix of candy, snacks, drinks, and a Netflix gift card for a coworker going through a tough time. Going out of your way can tremendously impact someone else’s Thanksgiving holiday.

Thanksgiving Care Package

Pre-Made Baskets: The Low-Stress Option!

Stress levels tend to rise at the start of the holiday season, particularly among those hosting the Thanksgiving festivities. Spoonful of Comfort makes sending elegant, fun, and delicious gifts easy without having to come up with ideas or shop for items.

Send a seasonal Thanksgiving Care Package to a loved one who can’t make it home. You could also send a pie and help with holiday dishes in the Thanksgiving Care Package.

Sending Smiles All Year Long

Spoonful of Comfort has care packages for every occasion. From celebrating a promotion to helping someone feel better when they’re sick, you can always send a box of love. 

As you choose from the carefully curated packages, consider adding extra care, like a Cold Care Kit and a Get Well Spoon. It’s all about showing you care and you’re there.

Say Thanks with a Spoonful of Comfort

Imagine the surprise and glee your friend or family member will feel when they open your thoughtful gift of soup, yummy rolls, sweet cookies, and more. After spending hours preparing a meal, your host will certainly appreciate the thought of taking a night off from cooking.

Shop our Thanksgiving Baskets today, or send a smile anytime with Spoonful of Comfort!

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