What are the Best Gifts for a Breakup?

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Breakups are an unfortunate part of life, just like death and taxes and the fact that the kitchen and bathroom will always be dirty. These may seem like extreme comparisons, but the heartache of a breakup can be devastating, even debilitating. Sometimes, it’s harder to watch someone else go through a breakup than going through one yourself.

You can’t miraculously heal the emotional wounds, but you can help ease the pain with these 10 simple yet heartfelt breakup gift ideas.

1. Massage Therapy

When someone is emotionally distraught, they may hold a lot of emotions inside just to get through the day. This can result in toxin buildup that can put physical stress on all systems of the body. Massage therapy not only feels good, but it can also elicit relaxation and help break down toxins stored in the body's tissues.

2. Journal the Journey

A breakup is a time of monumental change, some difficult, some exhilarating, and rewarding. A journal can help someone going through a breakup by providing an outlet for their thoughts and concerns for which there will be no judgment. It is for their eyes only and can even act as a tool to look back on later.

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3. Food Favorites

They don’t call it comfort food for nothin’. We often turn to food as a source of pleasure and therapy when times are tough. If you or someone you know is struggling with a breakup, order some favorites like pizza or Chinese and have them delivered.

An excellent way to harness the love and beauty of food is with gift packages. Some amazing breakup gift basket ideas from Spoonful of Comfort include:

4. Good Times Get Away

You know a great way to get away from the grip of old painful memories? Make new ones! A getaway weekend can be great as a solo run or with a friend in need. Try new things, indulge in outdoor activities, or just lounge poolside and relax. Whatever you do, do it with love.

5. Quirky Cards

Post-breakup can be a lonely time. Send a card to remind your friend or loved one that they are not alone. Inspirational quotes are nice, but sometimes quirky, funny cards fit the bill. Maybe even send or give them anonymously, that way, it can add a little extra excitement and help renew the idea that there is good in everyone.

6. Scents and Sensations

Aromatherapy is an easy way to relax just about anywhere. Send a diffuser and some of your friend’s favorite oils, or use a soothing lavender theme gift for an all-around good vibe. The oils can also be used in a lovely warm bath accompanied by a glass of wine and a good book.

7. Say It Softly

Things can be said with a hug that cannot be said with words. When you can’t be there physically, you can wrap them in kindness with soft blankets and comfy socks. Add a personal dimension by knitting, crocheting, or quilting them a blanket. They’ll feel the love in every stitch!

8. Spa Day

A good hair day can boost anyone’s outlook on life. Amp up the pampering with a mani, pedi, and massage at a favorite spa. Take that great new look out on the town with a fancy dinner and maybe even some drinks and dancing. Live a little and leave the breakup behind.

9. Me and a Movie

Sometimes the hardest thing after a breakup is to just “be,” much less be out there. When your buddy needs a boost but can’t make it much further than the couch in their comfies, go to them. Grab some favorite movie snacks, bubbly beverages, and hit up some Netflix or Hulu. There are times when you say it best by saying nothing at all.

10. The Power of Punching

When pent-up anger and frustration go beyond words, and primal screaming alone isn’t enough, a punching bag can help release a lot of feelings. Not only is it a great physical release, but it’s also extraordinary exercise. Want to double up the punching bag practicality? Give them one that doubles as a laundry bag!

There are no easy answers when it comes to moving on from a breakup, but serve up each day with a Spoonful of Comfort, and you can make each moment a little easier.

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