Chicken Noodle Soup: The Ultimate “Feel Good” Food

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Chicken Noodle Soup

Chicken noodle soup is synonymous with comfort. It may transport us back to Mom’s kitchen for a feeling of warmth and love on a cold winter day. It can also relieve discomfort thanks to its health benefits. Research has shown that the herbs and vitamins in chicken noodle soup may be therapeutic for scratchy throats, runny noses, and other discomforts.

We may think of chicken noodle soup as a unique piece of American culture, but it has roots in Ancient Greece. Greeks considered it a go-to remedy for various illnesses. An American company, Campbell’s, introduced chicken noodle soup in the 1940s, and it was love at first taste for U.S. residents.

Chicken Soup Around the World

Though we love our chicken soup, we don’t have the corner on it. Cultures around the world have their own iterations of the staple. Congee is the Chinese version of chicken soup. It includes rice instead of noodles and is famous throughout Asia. Filipinos have a slightly different take on the soup, which they call arroz caldo. The Philippine version boasts an aromatic blend of rice, onions, garlic, ginger, oil, chicken, and fish sauce. It is served topped with scallions, crispy garlic, egg, and lime.

Chicken soup with matzo balls is a classic soup served during the Jewish Passover. Referred to as the “Jewish penicillin,” the soup has a reputation for its healing powers.

The Vietnamese version of chicken noodle soup is called “pho.” It is made by simmering banh pho noodles, chicken, onions, ginger, and broth. It is served in a bowl with garnishes of bean sprouts, basil, scallions, cilantro, fish sauce, and hot sauce.

Spoonful Of Comfort

At, we have our own take on the old-fashioned favorite. We give it a new twist with seasoned, roasted chicken, oodles of hearty noodles, and fresh thyme and parsley. Paired with the best sick day movies, it can be just what the doctor ordered on chilly days as cold and flu seasons kick in. It can be just what the doctor ordered on chilly days as cold and flu seasons kick in.

If you have a loved one who is not feeling well, send the gift of comfort. Choose warm, ready-to-eat chicken noodle soup from It can be delivered right to the doorstep as a full meal including soup for up to six people, rolls, cookies, and a personalized note.

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