5 Ideas for Gift Baskets Full of Favorite Things That Never Fail

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Few gifts are as tried-and-true as a gift basket, and it’s no mystery why. They’re timeless. They’re personal. They’re filled with love. And there is no better way to add extra love to a gift basket than to fill it with a few of the things someone loves the most.

Heartfelt and specially curated, a favorite things gift basket makes both giving and receiving the gift more fun. Who doesn’t like a collection of one of their favorite people’s favorite things?

These gift baskets are perfect for holidays, birthdays, graduations, and, well, just because. Read on for five classic themes to create your own favorites gift basket that lucky someone is going to love.

1. Favorite Foods Gift Basket

If you ask us, a gift basket of classic, favorite things begins with food. All things chocolate is an all-around favorite (consider a range of cacao percentages, filled chocolates, international chocolates, even hot chocolates). Create your own cheese and charcuterie board inspired by a vacation destination. Go all out with can’t-eat-just-one chips and dips. Or buy all the ingredients someone needs to make a favorite recipe (which you include, of course).

Even deciding on someone’s favorite foods can be hard to narrow down. We know—our customers have a hard time choosing between favorite soups and cookies every day. That inspired our own version of a “favorite things” gift basket. We call it our Favorite Flavors care package.

Our Customers’ Top Picks: The Favorite Flavors Package

The Favorite Flavors package is a never-fail gift basket featuring our top-selling Chicken Noodle Soup and Chocolate Chip Cookies. It also includes half a dozen old-fashioned rolls, a new soup ladle, and a personalized notecard from you to amplify the warmth you’ve sent their way.

With the Favorite Flavors package, there’s no guesswork. This tried-and-true dinner combination is a consistent 5-star favorite. And it’s backed up by our 100% all-in guarantee that the experience is 100% right.

This package is easy to customize with add-on accessories and bundles, too, making it even simpler to send a well-curated basket filled with top-rated favorites you know they’ll love.

Customize it with: 

favorite flavors gift basket

2. A Night-In Gift Basket

If life isn’t about food, it should be inspired by another of our favorite gift basket ideas: a dedicated night in. It isn’t often that a family, couple, or, let’s face it, even an individual, sets aside time to relax. Fill a basket with everything you think is required to kick back, relax, and enjoy an evening at home.

These gift baskets work best when you tack on an extra theme, such as a movie night, game night, or date night for a couple or a family. Think of it as a gift to make a typical night at home a little more special: Soft things to wear, fancy things to drink, and interesting things to do that will dazzle.

Customize it with: 

  • A sweet-smelling candle in a favorite scent to create ambiance
  • A special puzzle to do together
  • Your favorite microwave popcorn
  • A bottle of your favorite sparkling beverage 
  • A gift card for a streaming movie rental (made even better with personal recommendations!)

Everyone needs an excuse for a night in, and now, you have the power and inspiration to gift it. 

3. Feel-Good Gift Basket

Who wouldn’t love a chance to invest in a little self-care? For this favorite gift basket idea, start brainstorming everything that makes you feel your best and make a collection to help your giftee feel the same. 

Feel-good favorites can include an article of your favorite brand of comfy clothing, a gift card for a spa treatment, or a favorite soap or body wash with a refreshing fragrance.

Customize it with: 

  • Our Little Burst of Sunshine Bundle
  • A book of inspirational quotes or feel-good messages to boost their mood
  • Soothing tea trio for cozy comfort with a burst of positive energy
  • A favorite album or record to play while in a warm bath
  • A soft, comfortable blanket to cuddle with

4. Lots of Love Gift Basket

A basket packed with heartfelt trinkets? What’s not to love? 

Sometimes the best gift isn’t necessarily practical but comes straight from the heart. For this idea, think of all the things you associate the most with feeling loved, such as chocolates, love notes, warm hugs, fresh flowers, personalized jewelry, and anything else that makes you feel all aglow. 

Customize it with: 

  • Cozy socks to keep their toes toasty
  • Taper candlesticks for a dash of romance
  • Your favorite lip balm or lotion
  • A gift card to a favorite restaurant or takeout place

5. A Little Nostalgia Gift Basket

You likely spend a lot of time with your present-day favorites, but what about favorites of days gone by? Journey down memory lane and give the gift of nostalgia with some of your favorites from years past. With this favorite things gift basket, you get the chance to be a little creative and do some research into a particular decade’s treats, toys, and trinkets to tuck together.

Customize it with: 

  • Our Hot Cocoa and Heart Bundle for childhood nostalgia
  • A coloring book to relieve the stress of adult life
  • A board game from your chosen decade
  • A cult-classic movie or book from the era
  • A package of snacks to bring back after-school memories

Create a Favorite Things Gift Basket with Our Customer Favorites

No matter what you decide to include, favorites are that way for a reason: They’re time-tested and proven to be crowd favorites. When it comes to favorites gift baskets, we believe in trusting the classics and sticking to what you know and love. 

Spoonful of Comfort makes it easy to customize a gift basket with accessories to keep it fresh, personal, and always appealing, no matter your recipient. Picks like our Favorite Flavors package include universally loved favorites that never go out of style. You can easily put together a meaningful gift with personal touches they’re sure to appreciate. 

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