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It’s that time of year where I find myself with more spring brunches than I can count! Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, or just simple Sunday mornings enjoying quiche and mimosas out on the patio. Regardless of the occasion, I am here for brunch! I’ll take any excuse to break out my sundress collection and start enjoying spring. (Sorry in advance if you are currently still under a blanket of snow, I promise it will end soon!)


Along with my fair share of mimosas and sundresses, I’m one of those people that genuinely enjoys putting together a tablescape. Okay, I’ll be honest— it is definitely my favorite part about entertaining! I blame my Grandmother, who instilled her love of table linens in me from an early age. But I also feel like a set table makes my guests instantly feel warm and fuzzy. A dressed table makes people feel cared about, and lets them know you are genuinely happy to host them in your home.

If you’re ready to start brunch season with a few simple tips and tricks that make throwing together a Spring table easy as quiche, I’ve got you covered. It’s okay if it seems a little daunting at first, I promise it can be fun. Use this as your chance to get a little creative and a tiny bit crafty.

Spring is great season to start tablescaping because you can go a bit simpler and lighter—no need to be fussy or super extravagant. A cohesive color palette and some cleverly upcycled home goods make a great creative foundation.

Ready? Let’s dress your table!

1. Pastel Color Palette!

Every year, department stores give summer, fall, and winter a brand new color palette Some years, jewel tones are in, next year it’s all about metallics. But when it comes to spring, pastels are always a game player! If you’re at a loss on where to start, gather together a few light-colored pastels on the same table. From pink plates to yellow napkins, pastels all work well with each other, so make your table a spring-time rainbow with all your favorite hues. My favorites are light pink, baby yellow, mint and lavender.
Flowers on a table

2. Natural Elements!

This is the time of year for ‘blooming’ so I love to incorporate as many flowers, herbs and natural elements as possible. Wildflowers straight from the garden always look gorgeous and effortless. Materials like wicker placemats, linen tablecloths, and fresh greens as table runners are great natural tie ins. Instead of a formal place setting try swapping out a few sprigs of fresh herbs or lavender tied up with a thin rope ribbon. 

Pink plate

3. Reuse what you have!

Probably my most useful tip for any table! Whenever I plan out a new tablescape, I always start by sorting through my own stash. (Then will I hit up Target or Home Goods, but only as a last resort.) Seriously! See if you can re-use things in a new way like making a water pitcher into a vase, or a cluster of mason jars as tea light holders. You’ll be shocked at just how many items you have to use. Just keep your color palette in mind, and you’ll be be good to go! 

Cookies on a plate

Of course, sometimes you can’t be at the table with your loved ones. Distance and time make it hard to host a beautiful brunch or weekend barbeque (complete with a beautifully set table, naturally,) for all the special people in our lives. But if you can’t make a spring tablescape, you can always send one. A Spoonful of Comfort care package is the perfect way to help someone feel loved, if they’re far from home. And as an added bonus, the beautiful packaging puts all the magic of a pretty table in one gorgeous box, with a few special items you can re-use and enjoy again and again. (Tell me that full-size mason jar doesn’t make the perfect vase.) So put a little spring in someone’s step this season, and send a gift that will give them time to stop and smell the roses, and the tulips, and the daffodils. 
Elizabeth Van Lierde is a writer, event planner and margarita lover sharing all things entertaining on her blog The College Housewife. Follow Elizabeth on Instagram for daily inspiration.

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